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  1. Artie

    Story Bronson.

    I've decided to write this rather short story parallel to my main story, the Silver Sword. This one's about Bronson, a character from the Sword, yet the two stories are not connected in any way, and you don't have to have read one to enjoy the other. Hope you like it. Bronson "I have reasons...
  2. Artie

    Purifying Syringe

    Sold by the Dryad after you beat wall of flesh, for 5 gold coins. It's a consumable that looks like... well... a syringe. You use it on enemies to turn them to 'allies' - you know that hypnoshroom from plants vs zombies? Yes, that's exactly what I'm talking about. The enemy would basically...
  3. Artie

    WIP Mr Brown

    Hello. Welcome to my new literature project! It's titled, obviously, "Mr Brown", and it is not connected to my other series, "The Silver Sword". Look signature for details. I'll update it as often as I can, but frankly, I don't know what will come out of it. I might even end up moving it to...
  4. Artie

    Drawings & Paintings Black and White

    (yes, the white background is intended) Hello. I finally decided to post this little thread thing, where I'll place most of my "Black and White" art. "Black and White" - a type of drawing, mostly in black and white (heheh wonder how that happened); It is usually simple, no finer details...
  5. Artie

    Story The Silver Sword

    The following is a translation of a manuscript I found on one of my recent expeditions in Europe. It's titled "the Silver Sword", and it's date of creation is unknown. Hope you enjoy the ride. The Silver Sword
  6. Artie

    More Sentry Minions

    So there are no pre-hardmode summonable sentry type minions - and I decided to suggest some... All comments appreciated, if you think some weapons should be buffed/nerfed please say so. Hope you like it.
  7. Artie

    Telescope -endgame item

    Telescope - an item that's a direct upgrade of the binoculars. It would work in a similar fashion- player, when holding the telescope, could see farther and farther by moving the cursor away in a certain direction. It would have far greater range than the goggles. (Of course, it does not let...
  8. Artie

    Time Crystal

    The item would give you a chance of farming bosses (that can only be summoned at night) without waiting for the day! The Time Crystal Tooltip: "brings back the night" Crafted with: 1 (fallen star) 5 (souls of night) Sets the time to 7:30 (dusk) Can't be used: in multiplayer, during an...
  9. Artie

    Story Crazy Adventures

    I know this is a pretty common idea for a story, but I still tried giving it a shot. Crazy Adventures In Terraria Not posting chapters for some time, gonna edit the ones I have now. :)
  10. Artie

    the fox

    For some people Giant Flying Foxes are not enough. :) A simple idea - neutral animal, a fox. 20 hp Found freely roaming the forest. (Thanks to @Pirtz for awesome sprite :D)
  11. Artie

    Short Survey

    I hope answers to those questions will help.
  12. Artie

    [Boss][Enemy] The Owl

    So, it struck me today the are not many hardmode enemies in the forest biome. Maybe that's because forest actually becomes quite rare if you are not good in stopping the spreading. My suggestion gives a reason for saving the forest - a new enemy and a new boss, both found only in forest biome...
  13. Artie

    PC Hello

    Hi! I'm Matt, 15 years of age, from Poland. (Male of course) I love terraria, started playing it some 2 years ago - and while I began playing it as just a game, I recently (when 1.3 came out) decided I wanted to get more involved with the community. So here I am! :) I like books (fantasy...
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