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  1. updatedude

    PC Question: Star Veil

    Hi, I know this is old news but it's been a looooong time since I played Terraria and I need a refresher. Does the Star Veil work against Moon Lord in I'm not talking about for cheesing purposes, I simply want to know if it still functions. The reason I ask is because I sort of...
  2. updatedude

    Resolved Can't open Terraria

    Hi, I've been playing Terraria for a long time, no problem. It's been a few weeks, but I had the itch again, so I went and clicked on Terraria and got the following error. I've tried reinstalling, but it still gives me the same message. Recommendations please. Thank you.
  3. updatedude

    PC Stardust Dragon Staff vs Tempest Staff

    Hmm, interesting how the Stardust Dragon works now. The more segments it has, the stronger it becomes. Not sure how it compares to pre- At how many segments would it exceed the old Dragon? So does this mean that for a non-Summoner or a Summoner who doesn't want a full length dragon...
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