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  1. syaslinskiy

    tAPI R/Terraria Suggestions Mod

    I see a lot of suggestions on the Terraria subreddit that I don't think will ever be implemented into the game. For example, today I saw one that uses Life Fruit's for more purposes. Something that I was thinking for that would be an upgrade to the healing potions. There's plenty more, that I...
  2. syaslinskiy

    tAPI Demon Flesh Mod

    Demon Flesh Mod V1.0.1 Hey Terraria Forums! I made a mod that I originally planned on keeping for myself, but decided I should post it. I hope you all like it! UPDATE: I won't be able to continue this mod, if anyone is interested in continuing it, let me know! I have plenty more ideas to add...
  3. syaslinskiy

    Need some help with my mod

    For some reason, whenever I put a third item into my mod in the "Items" folder, TAPI crashes when I start it up. I did this with two different items thinking there was a problem with my code, but I couldn't find anything. TAPI Builder doesn't tell me that there is a problem with building the...
  4. syaslinskiy

    tAPI I would like to make mods with somebody

    I'm new to the forums, but I've been playing with mods for a while now. I had some ideas for some mods that I would like some help with them, I even started texturing them. I have no coding experience whatsoever, nor any modding experience for that matter. If anyone can help me, please inbox...
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