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    tModLoader Learn By Doing

    No, I left it as-is.
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    tModLoader Learn By Doing

    There seems to be a bug in which new characters are not initialized correctly. My new character gains a level in every unlocked skill each time he joins a world. I loaded up an old character that had been created with an older version of TModloader and this mod, and that one appears to work...
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    tModLoader Legend of Terraria 3

    I've been playing with this mod in single player lately, and I'm now post-moon lord and trying to find those heart increases. From what I gather the heart plums are supposed to be obtained in surface forest when you have 500+ hp. Are there any other spawn conditions? Only daytime? Not raining...
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    A few bugs I've seen so far: Fishing makes seems to make no splash sound, which makes it quite a bit more difficult. Other users have mentioned sound being scaled poorly with distance, so it might just be too quiet for me to hear. It seems like butterflies can't be caught with the bug net. Fish...
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    tAPI [Discontinued] tAPI - A Mod To Make Mods

    I don't know if it's still relevant, but I have some more info on that timer bug. If the timer has an odd number of colored wires attached to it, it will activate itself and shut itself off. For example if the timer is connected to only red wires, it will shut itself off. If it is connected to...
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    tAPI Thorium Mod+

    Lots of cool content in this mod, and it fits well into the game. The staves are great but maybe just a little overpowered. This playthrough they were my stepping stone to getting past the mechanical bosses. The geode armor makes a really neat mid-late game utility set too. I've been keeping it...
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    tAPI [Discontinued] tAPI - A Mod To Make Mods

    I just joined this forum to report some bugs I experienced playing tAPI recently. I have been getting duplicate town npcs showing up in my worlds. Multiple chefs, multiple blacksmiths, etc. I also had a few supposedly hardmode npcs join in a non-hardmode world, specifically the druid...
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    Thank you! Long time player here, just made an account to report a couple of bugs I experienced...

    Thank you! Long time player here, just made an account to report a couple of bugs I experienced playing tAPI recently.
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