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  1. How_to_LoL_u

    tModLoader Copper To Wires

    Hello there! This is a simple mod I made that enables you to do the following: Make wires from copper or tin bars Make a Wrench Dye that wrench to make other wrenches Make Wire Cutters If you have any questions, suggestions or errors, please post them in this thread. I hope you all enjoy this...
  2. How_to_LoL_u

    tModLoader I have a compile error

    Okay, I looked through some of the tmodloader code for a while, and found the issue in there. So where do I go from there. EDIT: Here is where I found it, line 410 at the modcompile.cs github page, the dllRef variable is never declared before it is used, thus the error
  3. How_to_LoL_u

    tModLoader I have a compile error

    Hey I have a problem. I am making a mod and I am trying to setup visual studio so that I can use the edit and continue feature, although when I try compiling the mod in visual studio, I end up getting an error: It sounds like the mod loader is throwing an error, so I opened up a command...
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