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  1. syaslinskiy

    tAPI R/Terraria Suggestions Mod

    I'm learning C# a little bit. I'm not sure if I'm ready for it yet. I'm not sure it is...
  2. syaslinskiy

    tAPI R/Terraria Suggestions Mod

    I see a lot of suggestions on the Terraria subreddit that I don't think will ever be implemented into the game. For example, today I saw one that uses Life Fruit's for more purposes. Something that I was thinking for that would be an upgrade to the healing potions. There's plenty more, that I...
  3. syaslinskiy

    PC Ranger healing (we all want this!)

    I'm no ranger, by any means. But if this were to be implemented, I would hop on it really quickly.
  4. syaslinskiy

    tAPI Gearite Mod - Adds a new ore called Gearite

    Do you need any help with the mod?
  5. syaslinskiy

    tAPI Looking for a team

    That's a great idea! I could help with spriting or even coding.
  6. syaslinskiy

    tAPI 20805kacper's tapi modding tutorials.

    Wow! Thank you so much for this! I was looking for these things forever, it feels like.
  7. syaslinskiy

    tAPI Demon Flesh Mod

    Hey guys, I'm just letting you guys that commented on here that I've updated the mod. I retextured a few things, and added a few things. I'm still working on a bunch of other stuff.
  8. syaslinskiy

    @Tehrcb , no worries, dude! I found a guy. Haha

    @Tehrcb , no worries, dude! I found a guy. Haha
  9. syaslinskiy

    Spriters needed

    Thanks for that, I didn't have enough time to finish :D
  10. syaslinskiy

    Spriters needed

    How's this? I can edit it still, it's kinda like a model
  11. syaslinskiy

    Spriters needed

    Like guns or bows, or what?
  12. syaslinskiy

    Spriters needed

    I'm slowly working on my own sprites, I won't be able to do armor animations, I could make weapons though.
  13. syaslinskiy

    Spriters needed

    You could see my sprites on my signature below, and I'm sorry, I don't have a skype. ;(
  14. syaslinskiy

    Spriters needed

    I could possibly help.
  15. syaslinskiy

    tAPI Mod-Raria --- Mr. Terraria's Mod!

    I might be able to help with sprites.
  16. syaslinskiy

    tAPI tAPI Community Resources - Development assistance for developers, by developers.

    Here ya go: { "displayName": "Demon Flesh Scalemail", "size": [30,20], "maxStack": 1, "value": [0,10,0,0], "rare": 2, "defense": 11, "armorBody": true, "hasHands": false, "setName": "Demon Flesh", "recipes": [{ "items": { "Shadow...
  17. syaslinskiy

    tAPI tAPI Community Resources - Development assistance for developers, by developers.

    Can someone check my code? I can pack it with TAPI Builder, but the armor effects don't work. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; using System.Diagnostics; using TAPI; using Terraria; using Microsoft.Xna.Framework; using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics...
  18. syaslinskiy

    tAPI Bluemagic's Mod - Elemental Unleash (Endgame Extension)

    I could texture some things for you, if you'd like.
  19. syaslinskiy

    tAPI Arcanity: Create your own spells (WIP - unreleased) ideas needed

    This looks awesome! I especially liked that first one. I had an idea that blows all the NPC's around you back. I think it'll be one of those items that people use when they don't want to fight anyone. It should only do really light damage also.
  20. syaslinskiy

    tAPI The Vulcan Mod (a HUGE work in progress.)

    Honestly, I enjoy spriting. I would love to make these, but I'm going take my time on them. I think I could finish the weapons and tools by the end of the week. Are you two doing all the coding? @Mr. Nes G. Quik @Espilon
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