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  1. [CagaPubs] Copro

    PvEvP - First event of our dedicated server

    Hey guys I have a dedicated discord server for Terraria competitive events This week we are gonna be hosting PvEvP games, but we have PvP and PvE special maps for some solo or team action to get more of the rules and stuff make sure to join here Join the Terraria Discord Server! please feel...
  2. [CagaPubs] Copro

    PvEvP, new game mode

    hey guys, I'm designing a new game mode and could really use some feedback or people intersted in test playing it the rules are new hardcore characters new small world (difficulty can be set according to players preferences) everyone joins as soon as hosted everyone gets around 10 minutes of...
  3. [CagaPubs] Copro

    PC craftless challenge, I need opinions

    hi, I have been playing a craftless challenge mode, wich means compleating the game as far as possible without crafting a single item, I have been able to kill the wall of flesh, gaining a pair of wings, reaching to 26 armor points, but still haven't been able to defeat the mechanical bosses...
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