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    Ideas for making my Plantera farm safer?

    I'm working on an AFK Plantera farm but she keeps getting clever toward the end of the battle and keeping a hook right above one (or both) of my teleporters, which of course kills me. I've tried setting up switches to turn the teleporters off when needed but she ends up killing me anyway. What...
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    Enemies in the ocean biome not dropping pirate maps

    I've actually gotten a few by fighting IN the ocean, but my AFK farm isn't getting me any at all. And it's set up right ON TOP of the ocean, with tons of water on each side of me. Is it because I've also placed my jungle blocks and now the jungle biome cancels out the ability to get pirate...
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    Stubborn biomes

    Is anyone else having this issue? I have an area in my world which refuses to acknowledge that it is NOT A JUNGLE BIOME! Specifically it's a hallowed biome (even the background agrees) with nowhere near enough jungle grass in the vicinity to qualify it for junglehood, yet the music and the...
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    Any way to trap the clowns, and possibly set up a death by melee?

    I'm trying to be stubbornly melee in my playthrough. I set up my arena so I can fight during the blood moons but the clowns keep coming along with their blankety blank chattering teeth bombs and blowing me to smithereens. Is there any way to get them "stuck" somewhere so I can hop over there...
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    I accidentally dropped my super absorbant sponge into my bottomless water bucket.

    Now my game just froze and I can't play anymore. Help!
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    AFK farm trouble. Can it not switch to desert?

    I built my AFK farm in the caverns because I heard that's the best place for hardmode farming. And I read that 1,500 blocks of sand is supposed to convert the biome to desert but it's not happening. Is it not possible to do this? Could it be because half of my blocks are hardened sand (rather...
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    Are there any top-tier swords that operate just like the Muramasa?

    By this, I mean where you can turn around while holding the button down (to auto-swing) and your character will turn around rather than keep swinging in the original direction? I'm nearing the end of pre-hardmode so I have a Night's Edge which is stronger than the Muramasa but I really miss...
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    Does the happiness level of each NPC affect what they sell?

    Or which services they provide? And I mean apart from the pylons. If I decide to be stubborn and not worry about their happiness, will I pay for it in any other ways besides money? P.S. - I also know the biomes affect what they sell; I just mean their happiness level itself.
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    Need help! When I push the button to interact with something, it "overreacts".

    I'm playing this on Steam and using a PS4 controller and everything else works fine. But for some reason, when I press the circle or X button to interact with something it goes beyond the single button press. For example, talking to the Guide about crafting makes me craft the first thing on his...
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    Resolved Alright, I'm calling it. The graveyard biome is a myth.

    Doesn't exist. Nope. I'm joking, of course. But I can't find one for the life of me! I've created six worlds now and run from one ocean to the next in each of them. No graveyards. Anyone have a seed for a world with at least one tiny graveyard?
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    Wanting to sort of "update" my existing world

    I've put a lot of time and effort into the world I have, but I know they changed some things in the last update that would normally require creating a new world to experience. Naturally I'd rather just bring that new stuff over to the world I already have; is that possible? I already know...
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    Any way to favorite items using a controller?

    I'm playing on a PS4 controller through Steam. I think I've gotten everything else set the way I like it, but I can't figure out how to map a button for favoriting items in the inventory screen. Any ideas?
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