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  1. Exeton

    tModLoader Npc Enslavement [Looking for Spriter]

    Intro: NPC Enslavement is a mod focused on removing Town NPC clutter by sending all your useless town NCPs off to work. Using the new NCP pokeball item, you can send the bug collector, party girl, and other unimportant NCPs to your choice of a lumber mill or mine, where they will collect...
  2. Exeton

    tModLoader World Generation Video Series

    Hey guys. Today I'm starting a video series for world generation in tModloader. I'm pretty new to making videos, so if you guys have any feedback, that'd be appreciated.
  3. Exeton

    The Revolution

    Current Features Vision Worlds, to be conquered, adventures to be had, skills to be mastered - that is my vision for modded Terraria. Some ideas - New tools and crafting methods - New bosses, mobs, and world structures - New game mechanics - Reworking of vanilla Terraria More details are...
  4. Exeton

    tModLoader Recruiting for my mod

    I need a spriter that can sprite the following items for my mod: -Long bows -Battle axes -Magic effects -Daggers -Spears and other two person weapons -Some other things Pm me or reply to the thread. Please provide a sample of your work, tell me why you want to work as a spriter/co owner(if...
  5. Exeton

    C# modding

    Due to my lack of interest in making tutorials, I've decided just to make and show pieces of code here instead. It's come to my attention that a lot of people are asking basic c# questions on the tModLoader form and that no such tutorial answers these questions.Also, I've only created this...
  6. Exeton

    PC Exeton's pre-hardmode Item/Buildings shop

    -------------------Cost: 1.7 * npc sell price: cost varies for no value items ------------- Buildings Housing/Buildings Generic Town Npc House - 15 silver Generic Npc Town[8 houses] - 1 gold Village Necessities Package[8 houses + Crafting room + Chest Storage] - 5 gold Generic Arenas Tiny Boss...
  7. Exeton

    tAPI [tModLoader]Exeton's mods

    TopOfPage Welcome to my mod page. This page is designed to show all the main categories of content in my mod, so the mod is split up into mini mods allowing you to chose what content you'd like in your mod.[OP is wip] In page links Exeton mod Credits End Of Page Credits Exeton Commands+...
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