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  1. Mathbrush1

    A Full-Game Guide to the Old One’s Army

    Why don't you use the Tavernkeep's armor to defeat Tier 3? The damage boosts are so good, and almost all damage is done by the sentries.
  2. Mathbrush1

    Favorite Summons

    Tempest staff is super fun, I agree with everyone else who said that. Shoots out tons of sharks and soon the ground is just littered with blown up sharks everywhere.
  3. Mathbrush1

    Mobile Any tips for fighting wall of flesh as mage only?

    If you have the Shield of Cthulhu, just use Featherfall potion and water walking potion. Start at the very edge of the world, and float around using dash to stay very far to the left. Use magic power potion and mana regeneration potion and shoot demon scythe to the right over and over again. He...
  4. Mathbrush1

    This is my first time playing on expert and i decided on playing on melee. was this a good choice?

    Some tips: 1. Mobility. Two or three rows of platforms about 60-100 long and spaced a jump apart makes Eye of Cthulhu a lot easier. A jump in a bottle helps too, and Fledgling wings most of all. Featherfall potion is another opttion. Here's a sample picture I found when searching 'Eye of...
  5. Mathbrush1

    Make an item OP game.

    Eater's Bone gives you an extra summon that behaves like the spiders but with flight. Stink Potion
  6. Mathbrush1

    Why Drills are obsolete, and how to fix them.

    I've never used mining potions or the chisel, it's just too much effort for little reward.
  7. Mathbrush1

    Rate the Weapon: Day Fourteen - Chain Guillotine

    I know this is an old thread, but if anyone reads this now, the Chain Guillotines have been buffed quite a bit and are now pretty awesome! From 43 damage to 59. They're pretty much like the Light Discs now (especially since the Guillotines get modifiers and the discs don't), but you can get them...
  8. Mathbrush1

    Journey's End 1.4: Official Item Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

    Speaking of flasks, everything that gives Confusion has been buffed one way or another in the game except for the Flask of Nanites (Nano Bullet bounces, Brain of Confusion gives dodge chance/damage buff, Dao of Pow and all flails are much stronger). It would be cool to add some effect to Flask...
  9. Mathbrush1

    Journey's End 1.4: Official Item Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

    Am I reading the changelog right? Is the melee cobalt set now +30% melee damage? Because that's great! Very nice reason to upgrade from molten armor now. Edit:Nope, I'm dumb.
  10. Mathbrush1

    Profanity Contents Disabler

    I wouldn't mind this. It's like when someone tells a joke, and you laugh, but after the 1000th time it's not funny anymore. I downloaded a mod to take the fart noises out of the fart in a jar; this would be similar, I guess. That 'mod' was just replacing a sound file. Is there are similarly easy...
  11. Mathbrush1

    Shroomite or Red Riding armor?

    One thing to point out is that you can use the necromantic scroll and papyrus scarab with red riding hood armor and Xeno Staff or Stardust Dragon Staff. If you combine it with a summoning table and summoning potion, you can get the same minion damage and number of minions as Spooky Armor with...
  12. Mathbrush1

    the item "g*psy robe" has a racial slur in it.

    Just here to point out that this isn't hypothetical; every Romani organization has big sections asking you to please not use the word Gypsy: I wasn't offended by the word personally, but the people it refers to are. You're not a bad person if you didn't know something makes someone else feel...
  13. Mathbrush1

    the item "g*psy robe" has a racial slur in it.

    I 100% had that experience. I was totally happy using the word in my own games and was so shocked at how a few British people responded to it. I was like, 'I'm not racist!' but the truth was I just didn't know about any of the background.
  14. Mathbrush1

    the item "g*psy robe" has a racial slur in it.

    Might be worth pointing out that the Romani people were one of the targets of the holocaust, with half of their population being killed by the Nazis. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antiziganism Roma organization have rejected other names besides Roma, as they find the insulting...
  15. Mathbrush1

    Journey's End 1.4: Official Item Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

    The Chlorophyte Saber and Partisan are mainly useful just for passing through walls. I use the partisan almost entirely for stabbing through the Jungle or the Dungeon, and True Excalibur can't fire through thick walls. The claymore is a little different, since its orb is more similar to the...
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