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  1. Aiken

    Water in the crimson should be yellow

    Similar to ichor color, I feel this way because: 1) It would contrast well with the crimson red (stands out but not out of place) 2) Helps make the crimson feel even more disgusting (that is the goal, right?) 3) More options for builders (if you want red water, just use blood moon fountain)
  2. Aiken

    A way to melt / freeze ice

    I think it would make sense to have a simple vanilla mechanic for freezing water into ice. This would make ice a renewable resource, which could be useful if you need to get large amounts of ice. Currently, the only renewable way to get resources for a snow biome is to fight the frost legion...
  3. Aiken

    Antlion spawn changes?

    I'm trying to build an antlion farm with just a few blocks of sand, and based on other guides I've seen they say that antlions can spawn on any block of above-ground sand during the day time, regardless of the biome. From my testing though, I haven't gotten a single antlion to spawn in. I've got...
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