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    Zombification/Reanimation Vial

    It's been AGES since I've made a suggestion here, so this is something I really think we need, not something that'd just be cool. The Zombification Vial is an accessory made from a vial of venom and rotten chunks along with souls of fright. If you die when it's equipped, you will respawn right...

    More Friendly Enemies (Specific Types)

    In Terraria a new mechanic was added for slimes using the slime crown. I was thinking of expanding on this a bit further, but nothing TOO crazy. Royal Comb: Dropped by Queen be in hardmode expert mode. +Stinger insects are friendly. Antlion Repellant: Dropped by regular mummies at a .8%...

    Passive Damaging Effect Accessories!

    I was thinking about some stuff and came up with some cool ideas! Laser Goggles: Will fire a laser every 15 seconds. Sets enemies near your cursor on fire for 15 seconds. Made from sun glasses, 6 wire, and 2 gem spark blocks. Type of gem determines color, or perhaps cursor color. Cloaking...

    Voice Toning!

    This is a very simple suggestion. All it asks for is the ability to use a color-pallet-like slide to adjust the tone of your characters voice. This would really help to originalize characters!

    Magic Robe: Accessory

    The magic robe (name w.i.p.) is a combinations of three accessories. The star cloak, the magic cuffs, and a moon stone. It serves the functions of all the listed accessories other than the magic cuffs, and with two changes. The stars that fall from the star cloak will turn into mana stars when...

    Living Dummy

    Not just any old mimic though, the living dummy looks like one of those training dummies! However, there is something inside!!! Try and train with this trickster and you have yourself a battle! I will put down one idea for now and work on it as you read! These will be found mainly in biomes that...

    Character Costums

    Halloween season is coming soon, so I only thought it fitting to post this now rather than latter/sooner. I like some of my character designs, you know, that ones that looks so neat you need to put on that familiar outfit? What I am proposing is one step beyond! How this would work, is you go...


    Welcome to my art thread for non Terraria things! If you want to request or view TERRARIA art, it's on my other thread, will give link soon! My policy on requests is that you can request for something, and i will do my best for it. Anything I make is rated E-PG13 levels.If M you should start a...

    Hardmode Slime Rain Boss (Post Plantera) w/ post Plantera slime items

    You get out your Fetid Baghnakhs, you slay the plant beast, you collect your loot! Then out of nowhere: a slime rain? You return to the surface and you start killing slimes left and right. Then out of nowhere, again, one of the slimey clouds drops from the sky! Behold: The slimephoon!!! (My...

    Sticky/bouncy Beenades

    Sticky: Seeing as all the throwable explosives now have a sticky varient, I think the Beenades deserve one too. Instead of gel, they would require a honey block to make 15. Crafting: 15 beenades + 1 honey block = 15 Sticky beenades Stats: All the same Sticks to blocks Now, a new kind of gel...

    Super Tiny but good idea for the Gravity Globe

    Everybody knows how gravitation causes the player to have their whole screen flip right? My thinking is that if you "hide" the Globe, it will no longer have the flip screen effect, just the character flip. Not a big Idea, but it would make the item more like super wings than an infinite potion.

    WIP More uses for Antlion Mandibles

    Antlion mandibles have been made much more common both by being a higher droprate and being in more enemies, however, they are only used in two things to make. Antlion Trident: Made from a Trident, 6 sturdy fossils, and 6 antlion mandibles 22 Melee damage average speed average knockback 8%...

    Slimy Scepter

    Ever since king slime got his new teleport, I though, that's a lot like chaos elementals. Oh! They drop the rod of discord! My idea, is to have king slime have a rare drop that is a new teleporting item, but with a less over powered ability. This is not the same as the rod of discord. Slimy...

    Fun Items: Yoyos (Non-weapons yoyos)

    Yoyos are pretty cool weapons, but they are pretty unrealistic, dealing lots of damage and being very proportionally big (about 1/3 of your hight!). This is a small suggestion containing more realistic yoyos that are about as useful as a bubble wand or beach ball. Toy Yoyo: Sold by the...

    Bunny in a Bottle

    My thinking is, bunnies are good at hopping and look like fluffy clouds. How about a Bunny in a bottle! Bunny in a Bottle: Crafted with 1 bottle, 30 seeds/30 hay/1 daybloom, and one bunny Equipable Gives double jump (1 block) Can't be put in a balloon I know it's small, but I think Terraria...

    Corrupt Gold Fish in a Bottle

    Crafted from 1 goldfish, 1 bottled water, and 30 vile powder, and 40 shadow scales. This is a projectile-like weapon that releases corrupt gold fish. The Gold fish has normal corrupt goldfish ai, but in water it will act like the piranha gun's projectile. Flops randomly out of water. 10 Ranged...

    Manually Moving Dolls

    In terraria, we currently have two voodoo dolls. In 1.3 I suspect there may be more, but I think it would be cool if you could do more with them. This idea is a SUPER vanity idea. How to use: Left click with item. Creates a magic missile-like projectile that looks like the doll. It will be held...

    WIP More Mechanical Items: Become a Machine!

    I've always liked the way mechanical bosses looked, but the only items that look at all like them are the masks, witch only look like one, and don't look much like a functional armor piece. Armor: Mechanical Armor Helmet: 10 souls of sight, 10 souls of fright, 25 iron bars 25 defense +10% crit...

    Culinary Arts- Personalizing Pastries

    This is a suggestion for a new item that acts like the Christmas tree. CAKE! Unlike ANY cake idea you'd ever seen! Cupcake: Sold by the merchant for 20 silver. Heals for 20 health and gives well fed for 1 minute if right clicked. Left click places. 1 block size. Wax candle: Made from 1 hive...

    Mine Carts Mimic Armor

    One thing I think would be cool is if you were wearing armor, the mine cart would copy the armor (only with a full set). Normal: Wood: (+cactus) Copper: Tin: (+ other ores) Shadow: So basically all armor sets! They would all have the visual set bonuses your armor has!
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