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  1. Spazmatism7

    Drawings & Paintings My Art

    I have seen other people do these art threads so I decided to do one myself. Just a warning, I have not been doing art for very long so it might not look to good. Also another note the title of the drawing will be on top of it.
  2. Spazmatism7

    Post-Galactic Peril Items

    This is the page about my suggestion, Galactic Peril and these are Post-Galactic Peril items. If you don't know what Galactic Peril is then follow this Link. Galactic Peril's Weapon Drops Galactic Mace Damage: 255 Melee damage Weapon Type: Mace Speed: Fast Speed Critical Strike Chance: 90% KB...
  3. Spazmatism7

    Other Literature Spazmatism7's Lore Hub

    I decided to make this "Lore Hub" because this way there is lots of lore in one place instead of around the forums. If you decide to put some lore in here please put the title above a spoiler and in the spoiler the lore. Here is an example: Lore Title Please keep all Lore related to Terraria...
  4. Spazmatism7

    Galactic Peril - Final Boss Suggestion

    I got a idea for this boss one day and I have now thought more of it through but it still may should weird. Here is the best way I can describe it. The Boss Summoned by: Galactic Sigil Recipe: 1 Celestial Sigil 20 Luminite Bars 7 Nebula Fragments 7 Solar Fragments 7 Vortex Fragments 7 Stardust...
  5. Spazmatism7

    Xbox One How to get in the Jungle Temple before Plantera

    All you need to get in and out of the Jungle Temple easy is: 6 platforms and a hammer. How to do it: Step one: Find the door Step two: place the platforms around the door. ALL PLATFORMS MUST ONLY BE TOUCHING THE DOOR Step three: hammer all the platforms into stairs with them going up into the...
  6. Spazmatism7

    ASK Spazmatism Anything

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone wanted to know anything about me. If you do please do not ask me any questions about my personal information. I will answer questions about Terraria, books, movies, other video games etc. I will answer questions about my opinions on certain conditions: 1. I will...
  7. Spazmatism7

    Suggestions for 1.4

    I belive there are items and enemies that should not have been removed. These include: The boss Ocram This boss has nothing wrong with it, it even was fun to fight. If this boss returns to the game it could provide a challange for endgame players if the boss gets more powerful than he is...
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