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  1. Kaladin78

    Mobile The Complete Comprehensive Guide to Beating the Dungeon Guardian

    I've seen many other Dungeon Guardian guides here, but none are super complete. Some are mere "suggestions", while others aren't super comprehensive. If you're offended by this, let me know with constructive feedback. But ultimately, it's up to the mods to decide. Mods, if you feel that this...
  2. Kaladin78

    NPC's can attack players

    Don't misunderstand this, I don't intend to make to where they can spontaneously attack you, it's far more... situational. Now, you're probably thinking, why would they attack us? After all, we rebuilt their lives after they were alone, imprisoned, cursed, and otherwise occupied. This is why...
  3. Kaladin78

    Sprites Ice katana

    This suggestion is mainly just for fun, and all credit for the sprite goes to @Electroman102. We all know the katana right? Incredibly useful for how early in the game it can be acquired. For this idea, I was thinking along the lines of pairing it with frost armor. It can be crafted with one...
  4. Kaladin78

    Weapon Challenge

    This is a new challenge I've thought up, and before you ask, no, it's not a playthrough challenge. It's actually quite simple: obtain every weapon in the game. It's just a little proposal, feel free to praise or criticize as you feel fit. Basically, gather them all in order, put them in the...
  5. Kaladin78

    Mobile Basic Survival: First Days

    I've played terraria for quite some time, doing multiple playthroughs. Before I ever started my first playthrough, I did a little research to make sure I was prepared. Taking information from dozens of sources, I began to build my own strategy. After a few playthroughs, It's been perfected...
  6. Kaladin78

    Which Boss is the Most Helpful Toward Progression?

    In your opinion, what is the most helpful boss toward progression? Judge them by how far the gear from that boss can carry you. For instance, light's bane carrying you past WoF. I'll start, Plantera. I used weapons from the dungeon past Duke Fishron.
  7. Kaladin78

    Mobile How to Beat Plantera

    Now, I've seen a lot of guides about plantera, but none of them are very extensive. This method I am telling you should work for all classes, but it mostly supports melee. If you've seen my guide on Duke Fishron, you know I like to be thorough with my guides, but enough shameless promotion...
  8. Kaladin78

    Mobile How to beat Duke Fishron Legitimatly

    I have seen a lot of guides pertaining to Duke Fishron, but the problem is, they all give ways to cheese this boss. Now, I don't have a huge problem with cheesing bosses, I do it myself all the time, but after a while, you get bored. The first time I fought Duke Fishron, I didn't know any way...
  9. Kaladin78

    What are your favorite mounts?

    Hey, so which mounts do you like the most, and why? (Pigron is better than unicorn)
  10. Kaladin78

    Mobile How to beat all bosses in pre-hardmode (Events included)

    Have you ever looked for a viable guide to all bosses in pre-hardmode? (I would do hardmode, but it would get a little long, maybe I'll make another guide) Okay, I'll stop beating around the bush and jump right into it. 1. Overall Guidlines The first order of business is something you need...
  11. Kaladin78

    Mobile Any ideas on how to beat Ice Queen?

    Ive beat duke fishron and every other boss in the game. I have razor blade typhoon, bubble gun, razor pine, etc. does anyone think this will be hard. If so, any ideas or strategies?
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