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    TCF Suggestion More Trophies

    Im sure most of you guys have at least 1 trophy. You all have a title. Well, what if there were more trophies? More titles you can earn. Well I have some trophy ideas for you! Here are all of my trophy ideas and how they will be earned, and what titles they unlock. HERE WE GO! Like / Message...
  2. Games ✔︎

    TCF Suggestion Account Verification

    No no no. You have it all wrong. Not EMAIL verification so you can post. Im talking about verification that it's actually you. Here is what I mean. You know what YouTube does with verification? Here is how it will work. When someone wants to prove that they are the legit version of them, they...
  3. Games ✔︎

    NPC Security

    We've all been there. We build these cool houses for our beloved NPC's. But they always seem to be killed by bosses! Well today it's time to put an end to that. This guide will show you some of the best places to home your NPC's without them being killed by those pesky bosses. Please note, this...
  4. Games ✔︎

    Username Free Up Petition

    I believe the staff should delete abandoned account (Inactive for 3 months+ without notice) and Free Up usernames. This means if an account hasn't been logged into for the past 3 months, their username will be freed up. But if they give a notice such as "IM GOING ON VACATION FOR A WHILE" Or "IM...
  5. Games ✔︎

    Growth theory. (Kinda strange if you ask me)

    Humans grow like vegetables. When they turn 18, they are ripe. They are able to produce offspring (The equivelance of harvesting seeds to plant them for new vegetables, which is close enough to having children) Anyone else find it this way?
  6. Games ✔︎

    Casual MasterOv Intro Music Found

  7. Games ✔︎

    TCF Would You Rather

    The rules are simple! I start by asking the user below me a would you rather question. After they answer, they ask the user below them a would you rather question. These go on and on as long as you want them to! Info: If you break the game by posting without asking a question, I will auto-post...
  8. Games ✔︎

    TCF Suggestion Custom Titles

    Most of us know about the titles given to us when we complete certain challenges. EX. Official Terrarian, Steampunker, Cultist, ETC. But what if you could type custom titles underneath your official titles? Example! This is my friend's profile on another forum. Notice the text under his...
  9. Games ✔︎

    Casual Question Of The Month: If you could develop any biome, what would it be like?

    My personal pick, the Pixelland. It would be made entirely of pixels. 8 bit to be exact.
  10. Games ✔︎

    How many hours have you spent on Terraria?

    I just hit my all time goal of 3,000 hours. It took me well..3,000 hours, but I did it. How long have you guys been playing this game?
  11. Games ✔︎

    TCF Suggestion [Website] Custom Themes

    I believe there should be a way for users to upload images to the website theme changer in order to make the website backround change to their preferred image.
  12. Games ✔︎

    [Games] Celebrating 5 years of Terraria

    Terraria... A magnificent game created by these amazing developers. These fine devs have shown their true talent in game development by gifting us this wonderful game. On May 16, 2011, Terraria was officially released. This game sure has come a long way hasn't it? I remember the first time I...
  13. Games ✔︎

    Have any player suggestions been added?

    Has anyone suggested something in this forum that has actually been added? BTW im not dead lawl
  14. Games ✔︎

    PC New Achievements

    I have been playing Terraria since 1.1 and have earned all of the steam achievements except for the 200 angler quest achievement (154/200) and I believe that there should be more achievements added to the game. Here are some of my ideas for achievements that should be added. These achievements...
  15. Games ✔︎

    Mac When can MAC & Linux come and play?

    Here is the soul question. When can MAC & Linux use mods? I see mods released quite frequently for Windows, bot MAC & Linux are left out of the party completely. Here are some solutions for MAC users: ~Wine Bottler ~Wine But you need to realize that not all users can install wine. Linux...
  16. Games ✔︎

    [Website] Similar Threads Add-on

    I have seen a lot of users posting threads that have already been made, or are similar to the thread that the user has made. And I know that this can get quite annoying. And most of you know it too. But there is a fix! An add-on that is called the amazing Similar Threads add-on! Here are some...
  17. Games ✔︎

    First post?

    What was the first ever post and or thread on tcf?
  18. Games ✔︎

    The Similarity Game

    One person says one word, and the next person says a word related to that word, and so on! I'll start. New! :D
  19. Games ✔︎

    TCF ~ How to get a high Like/Message Ratio

    Want to be the cool kid of the block that has a high L/M Ratio like @Baconfry for example? Well then this guide is for you. Today I explain the proper necessities for obtaining a high Like/Message Ratio. So follow along if you would like to! Step 1: Do not be a troll. I know trolling is fun in...
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