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  1. Dakota Spine

    Official Behind the scenes of Journey's End - A Q&A with the Programmers and Artists of Terraria

    What measures do you take to determined rather or not a feature; be it tiles or items or monsters, is ready to be added to the game? What standard of visuals or function should it meet, and what place should it have in the game to be added in full? Thank you!
  2. Dakota Spine

    Rounding Out the Journey: Terraria 1.4.1 is Here!

    Didn't know about the loved and loving part, that's actually quite useful. I do agree!
  3. Dakota Spine

    Rounding Out the Journey: Terraria 1.4.1 is Here!

    The Princess NPC has a bizarre amount of different highlights to their sprite compared to other NPCs Heck, don't want to be a downer; everything else is great but they look too detailed even compared to the Zoologist and the Golfer, the most recent NPCs They don't seem to offer much beyond just...
  4. Dakota Spine

    tModLoader Crystilium mod.

    I know the mod is quite old But out of anything, I desire for those cultist looking monsters that begin spawning inHardmode to be reworked or removed. They make exploring anywhere near the biome simply unbearable The background of the biome would benefit from getting a little rework too, it's...
  5. Dakota Spine

    tModLoader Qwerty's Bosses and Items

    I haven't explored too many bosses and their difficulty; though a lot of them are pretty great The Polar Exterminator is actually one of my favorite modded bosses and I really love them~ I wouldn't change a thing!
  6. Dakota Spine

    Truly has been a bit, but i've been finding myself checking back here a bit more frequently~ xP

    Truly has been a bit, but i've been finding myself checking back here a bit more frequently~ xP
  7. Dakota Spine

    Sprites The Mushrooms [As an Alt-Jungle]

    I really love the Glowworm Cave idea
  8. Dakota Spine

    New NPC: Dungeon Master

    There aren't really any provided. That point in the game doesn't really need another NPC to sell basic things though Unlocked around that time is the Cyborg, who still sells unique things in the form of ammo for Rocket Launchers, which are a Ranged weapon archetype This idea would need be to...
  9. Dakota Spine

    Sprites Magic Pebble: Pre-Hardmode Summoner Accessory

    Highly agreed. Vastly prefer items that are generated or created, rather than randomly dropped!
  10. Dakota Spine

    PC Coralstone furniture set

    Good sentiment, wrong place to post this though
  11. Dakota Spine

    Lunatic Cultist Rework

    If i'm reading this right, he basically has to be killed five times? Because taking 75% of his health only for him to restore his entire health bar five times sounds absurdly frustrating
  12. Dakota Spine

    New NPC: Dungeon Master

    Not particularly a fan of NPCs who only exist to sell you weapons that could otherwise be obtained or created through other means Most other NPCs serve a relevant function that's either useful or novel. Functions like the Nurse healing you or the Dryad telling you your world's level of...
  13. Dakota Spine

    PC Torch Swap only uses regular Torches. This shouldn't the the case

    That's my point, though. The numerous types of torches not being compatible with the swapping mechanic feels wrong. Torches as a whole should be treated like any other when it comes to the mechanic.
  14. Dakota Spine

    More developed ocean content

    I think the image on the left looks pretty silly in all honesty. Ii think the right is fine, but I wish it were more fleshed out
  15. Dakota Spine

    PC Torch Swap only uses regular Torches. This shouldn't the the case

    I've experimented a little, and with normal Torches in my inventory, Biome Torch Swap works perfectly fine, for the most part. I automatically place Jungle Torches in the Jungle, Crimson Torches in the Crimson. The Ocean doesn't get Coral Torches however, and this feels like an oversight. But...
  16. Dakota Spine

    PC Make a new "Reaver Shark" as an obsidian/lava fish themed pre-hardmode drill accessible from pre-hardmode lava fishing.

    I know it's beside the point, but watching a video on it, it still seems like a fair bit of trouble to build a bridge in the Underworld, throw Dynamite at the right time while destroying your bridge and then kill the wall. A lot more can go wrong surrounding those circumstances and feels more...
  17. Dakota Spine

    Replantable Lillypads and Reeds

    Staff of Regrowth on Water tiles seems like this would work nicely too
  18. Dakota Spine

    Tether Kites?

    To keep it short and simple; if possible in the game's engine, I would really love to be able to tether kites to a specific piece of furniture or block. So I can see them hit the ground when it's not windy, and see them soaring when it IS a windy day without standing around myself to see them...
  19. Dakota Spine

    Make Crumbling Blocks destructible via Weapons

    I like the idea of clumbling blocks. Secret rooms in the ceiling and spike pitfalls are pretty neat. But when it comes to the zigzagging pathways being utterly filled with crumbling blocks you're tasked with clearing out, it feels more like busy work than actual exploration
  20. Dakota Spine

    Make Crumbling Blocks destructible via Weapons

    It still feels so unnecessary to have so many blocking the typical path you would take. And this still presents the issue of needing to stand back and just clear bricks while enemies come at you. It is a painfully slow activity for the heat of the moment
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