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  1. Gotcha!

    **REPORTED** Drastically lowered mana star drops?

    To clarify up front: I'm not talking about the stars that drop at night, nor the mana stars that you create from said stars. I'm talking about mana stars that drop from enemies when your mana is not full. I'm not sure if this is a bug. I've read through the changelog and searched this forum...
  2. Gotcha!

    Have Eater of Worlds drop Treasure Bag near player

    So, I lost another two Treasure Bags today, after killing the Eater of Worlds ten times. The Destroyer once did the same, dropping its Treasure Bag deep below the ground if you were unlucky, but this was fixed, as the treasure bag will now drop near you. It'd be nice if the same thing was...
  3. Gotcha!

    Make Goblin, Pirate, and Martian raids disappear after a certain time.

    My apologies if someone else made this suggestion already, or a similar one like it. The game is filled with a decent amount of events, some triggered by the player, while others appear with a roll of the dice. Sometimes these randomly spawning events can get a bit obnoxious, especially if your...
  4. Gotcha!

    Farm Go Fish

    Hi people, I always wanted to have some sort of fishing-only map, where players can fish for quest fish and other stuff in completely safe environments. I am not sure if a map like this already exists, but I nevertheless took my own swing at it. And why not share the results? This map is...
  5. Gotcha!

    A Happy 2016, TCF! - Share your best wishes with your fellow Terrarians

    It seems a topic like this is missing, I hope I didn't look with my nose. Anyway, I wish all Terrarians a happy new year - May your best day in 2015 be your worst in 2016. ;) Share your well-wishing!
  6. Gotcha!

    PC Gotcha's Assorted Ruins, Dwellings and Habitats

    I'm not the best builder out there (Right now that'd be Flor3nce2456 in my opinion :)) but I'm sure these are nice to check out even so. And who knows, maybe it'll give someone some inspiration. ;) My house: My updated museum: All my characters have a home in my world. From left to right...
  7. Gotcha!


    I'd like to trade some of my moon lord drops with some of yours! I'm currently looking for: 1 x Starwrath 1 x SDMG Trade closed! Thanks. :) I can trade them with: 3 x Celebration 4 x Terrarian 1 x Last Prism 1 x Meowmere 3 x Lunar Portal Staff 1 x Lunar Flare 1 x Rainbow Crystal Staff -...
  8. Gotcha!

    PC How to milk the Angler from his quest rewards

    I don't see anyone else posted this, but it's nice to know and I've been using this trick for a while now. - Still don't have the Angler's items needed to put that awesome Cell Phone together? - Can't seem to get that elusive Hotline? - Tired of getting your 14th sponge when you really want an...
  9. Gotcha!

    PC Terraria for sale at GoG.com

    In case there's a single soul left out there who STILL hasn't bought this game... (That's about impossible, right?) GoG.com is having a sale and Terraria costs a measly €2,29. :)
  10. Gotcha!

    PC Upgrading regular Steam version with Collector's Edition?

    Hi there, I just got my Halloween Contest prize and wanted to install the Collector's Edition because bunny. There's a steam key in the box, but upon using it Steam tells me I already own the game. However, this is the regular version ofcourse. So here the question: How can people upgrade...
  11. Gotcha!

    PC Missing walls, platforms and decorations

    I was sure a topic like this existed already, but perhaps it's on the old forums (or I haven't looked right). There are still some walls, platforms and decorations missing from various decoration styles. I'd really love to see the missing pieces added in 1.3. It'd be great if these would be...
  12. Gotcha!

    Story The Adventures of Lancelot and Co.

    Greetings! Making fun comics really is a gift that I don't have. Finding a decent punch line is immensely hard. Even so, people seem to like the two comics I've put out there, so perhaps I'm doing something right. :p I'm reposting them in a proper thread and will occasionally be adding a new one...
  13. Gotcha!

    PC [Free] A bunch of pets.

    My compulsive hoarding often leads to amassing ridiculous piles of stuff. I felt like cleaning up today, so I sold most of my excess crap to npc's. There're still a bunch of pets left though, and since some of these are rather annoyingly rare, I'd figure someone else might be happy to give these...
  14. Gotcha!

    PC Severe framerate drops when Frame Skip is on.

    I am confused. I've had a problem with Terraria's framerate since update 1.2.2 or 1.2.3 or something. I forgot. Anyway, basically the game's framerate drops when Frame Skip is on, even though I had a very decent pc to run it. A dualcore proc @ 3ghz, an nVidia 560GTX (1gb mem) and 4gb of RAM...
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