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  1. Blato

    tModLoader Anointed Armaments : The Borderlands 3 Gun Mod

    Anointed Armaments Welcome Vault Hunter, to a new world! This mod adds one thing, and that is a whole lot of legendary guns from one of my personal favorite games, Borderlands 3. I was inspired to make this after playing @Yuyutsu's mod Guns, Glorious Guns! which is one of the best mods out...
  2. Blato

    Pixel Art Bla2e's Hall of Unused (and free to use) Sprites

    Bla2e's Hall of Unused (and free to use) Sprites I've deleted everything here, not really a fan of having a bunch of my stuff up for grabs without being contacted first. I don't feel like getting a mod to delete the thread, just don't use my stuff unless you already downloaded the zip like 3...
  3. Blato

    PC General Frame Drops and CPU Stress

    I've been playing Terraria for a while and after the 1.3.5 update, I have found odd frame drops happening pretty commonly. I will be playing normally, and I suddenly start experiencing frame drops. Half of the time my game will run somewhat fine but will have input delays and serious lag on the...
  4. Blato

    Pixel Art Bla2e's Hall of Bad Pixel Art

    Every spriter seems to have one of these, so I do as well now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Requests are open but please, no bosses or things with excessive sheeting/size. The most I can do is occasional armor. I also have the right to ignore/deny requests. Other than that, you can usually request anything...
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