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  1. Calen

    Filling holes

    I have various underground arenas/farms which work well, but over time ghoulies collect in the holes around them. Filling them with stone/dirt is just laborious. I made the mistake of filling them with sand; at the surface this resulted in creating a desert biome, and underground if there is...
  2. Calen

    Mobile PS4 controller issues - Terraria v1.4

    I don't know if this a bug, a controller issue, or and Android problem. When using an official PS4 controller, I have been experience random problems with movement. About half the time my character and UI work fine, however, at seemingly random times I get ghost inputs. I'll push in a...
  3. Calen

    PS4 Sentry count in local split screen multiplayer

    I understand that since the Old One's Army update, a player is limited to one sentry at a time (without sentry increasing armor.) When playing local split screen multiplayer (outside of the Old One's event) it seems that there is a limit of one sentry per world. If local play A places a...
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