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  1. Companion Cube

    Sprites Terra Cannon

    I'm going to cut to the chase. Sword guns are cool, and it is interesting. So I present to you, the terra cannon! This unholy creation would be crafted with a terra blade, illegal gun parts, and an broken hero sword. I understand that the zenith exists, but having a sooner option, or even a...
  2. Companion Cube

    Console Why doesnt console got camera mode?

    Does anyone know?
  3. Companion Cube

    Console Moving while in inventory, for console

    you can't move with your inventory out on console, so why not make it so that you can chose to make it so you can toggle whether you control inventory normally or with the right stick. I propose that when you pull the left trigger, it changes so that everything has normal out of inventory...
  4. Companion Cube

    Cross compatible files

    So, when worlds are made on a pc, it is a file. When a world is made on console, its also a file. What i am asking is that worlds be made universal in-between all platforms, or at least an answer as to why this could not happen.
  5. Companion Cube

    Pixel Art The Cubecopia

    This will be a collection of all my companion work, and some other things I made, so, please enjoy!
  6. Companion Cube

    Console Make worlds exportable

    While I dont know for pc, one thing that I direly need is to be able to export my worlds to other devices or even systems. It could be done in the same way space engineers are able to save blueprint tf s, by having them uploaded to a server and then being public to download.
  7. Companion Cube

    Need someone to sprite something

    So, I need someone to make a sprite of the hat photo I have put here. Any sprites are appreciated.
  8. Companion Cube

    Sprites The replacment of Cursed flames, Cursed aura!

    Cursed flames are old, and it shows. The newer crimson counterpart has much cooler toys, such as ichor. So I introduce to you, Cursed Aura! Cursed Aura when inflicted on a victim decreases all outgoing damage from the victim by 35%.
  9. Companion Cube

    Gun cooling

    From my time I've spent talking with the community, I have gathered that It is generally thought that ranged is an easy class. I do think some aspects make it comically easy *cough* clorophyte *cough*. So I propose cooling! The system would work like this. It only applies to full auto ranged...
  10. Companion Cube


    This will be short. I think that the balloon part of terraria could be expanded apon. So I suggest build-a-ballon station! You could buy it from the party girl and it would allow you to make your own sprite for the balloon. It would give you a grid and a color palette with hex codes too. It...
  11. Companion Cube

    Ask a companion cube anything!

    Due to recent events including our visit to your local species the council has deemed it acceptable to clear up misconceptions as to not have our existence deified or anything else pertaining to cult status. So ask away!
  12. Companion Cube

    Hello, a bit late

    Hello, I joined back in 2019, December 1, but never knew of this forum, so here I am! I like things that sound stupid creative, and I care not for humans.
  13. Companion Cube

    More shields

    There are not enough variety in shields for most playstyles. Only how to get hit a lot. I've made a few shields to try and curb the problem. Frozen Shield The frozen shield is a combination between the anhk shield and the frozen turtle shell. It gives you 25% damage resistance when under 50%...
  14. Companion Cube

    Pixel Art 3 weapons i made new sprites for, the sniper rifle, the mega shark, and the beenade

    for the sniper rifle I wanted to make it more simple and less edgy! The original sniper has odd edges.For the megashark I thought that because the minishark is a minigun it would be fitting to make the megashark into somewhat of a cannon. It still shows off its automatic properties with the belt...
  15. Companion Cube

    More mega for the mega shark

    I suggest a respite of the megashark. I already have made a Sprite.
  16. Companion Cube

    Sprites Better Beenades

    The beenades current sprite looks dated and overall dull. I made a better one imo
  17. Companion Cube

    Blade of grass becomes reference

    The blade of grass should be a reference to adventure time. It seems so perfectly set up. It could reference the grass blade (obviously) used by main character finn.
  18. Companion Cube

    Sprites Frog shield

    The frog leg is a pretty good item but is overshadowed by other accseories that are stronger or have more features. That's why I propose combining it with the anhk shield to make the frog shield! It would give you all the bonuses of the frog leg and all the benefits of the ankh shield!
  19. Companion Cube

    How do you make sprites?

    I want to make a Sprite but I don't know any sites or apps to do it. Can someone help?
  20. Companion Cube

    Favorite pets

    What are you guys favorite pets in terraria?
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