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  1. J0sh

    PC Team Fortress 2!

    Hey guys, didn't see any TF2 threads so I thought why not make my own, for the sake of discussion we'll throw some questions 1. What are your favourite classes? 2. What's your main, if you have one? 3. Favourite Item, why? So, without further adeiu My favourite classes are; spy, sniper, medic...
  2. J0sh

    Casual Music Appreciation Thread

    I've noticed a severly lack of music threads, maybe Im in the wrong place. Oh well Let's cover some ground rules. 1. Accept everyone's music, if you don't like it don't comment. 2. General Forum rules apply, easy right? I know you guys can do it, we're pretty awesome around here. "but wat do...
  3. J0sh

    Links to Streams

    Hey, Im not a streamer but a thought occured to me a few days ago, I see on reddit, for the runescape subreddit. we could have something similar? I don't see it having any negative effect and there is some empty space on the screen for it to go, hell even a section might be appropriate. I cant...
  4. J0sh

    Casual Battle Stations Thread!

    Hello everyone! I just thought we'd have a Battle station thread, just for fun, post a picture of your setup, and you specs if you want! (Battle Station means your computer for people who don't know) My station, (picture was too large), please ignore potato quality, the computer is nothing...
  5. J0sh

    Casual The People of TCF

    Hey everyone, I recently joined the forums today even and I noticed there is no massive face thread, I will obviously start obviously there will be absoutely no reason to participate you participate because you want to not because people ask you. Some obvious rules. Basic forum rules apply...
  6. J0sh

    Hey, Im Josh.

    As the name implies, I'm Josh, I have been playing Terraria for some time now, I probably have almost 500hours across Xbox and PC, I 9/10 times will have 1 - 2 people playing a long side me because that's my preference however I just saw this forums and decide I'd just jump in, when <insert most...
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