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  1. The Terraria Swag Beast

    PC So my friend had a question that I had no answer for...

    Okay. So my friend asked me a good question. He said, "Why do they give you the best stuff after you beat the Moon Lord? Like you already beat the game so what is the purpose of the strongest weapons when u already beat the game?" I had no answer for that. What is your/answer for that question?
  2. The Terraria Swag Beast

    PC Nebula or Solar?

    Which is better? Full Nebula Armor or Full Solar Set? It doesn't matter about the weapons ( ill do that later) But which armor is better?
  3. The Terraria Swag Beast

    PC Which is better?

    Which is better? The Xeno Staff or the Deadly Sphere Staff? If you reply to this thread, please answer with an explanation of why the one you chose is better than the other one.
  4. The Terraria Swag Beast

    PC Am I ready?

    Am I ready for the Celestial Towers? I have: Armor: Full Beetle (Defensive) Minion: Xeno Staff or Deadly Sphere Staff Weapons: Terra Blade, Influx Waver, Charged Blaster Cannon, Electrosphere Launcher, Death Sickle Mount: Cosmic Car Key So am I ready to fight the Celestial Towers?
  5. The Terraria Swag Beast

    PC Which Should I do First?

    Okay. So I beat all the 1.2 bosses. And I beat Duke Fishron today and got the Razorblade Typhoon. So I'm wondering, if I should keep farming the Duke or Do the Pumpkin moon and frost moon because I already have enough stuff to beat the cultist. I know this for a fact because I was going to the...
  6. The Terraria Swag Beast

    PC Terraria N00b Skrub Question

    Okay so I have a question that is stupid... Does Terraria need Wi-Fi to play? Thank you for all answers.
  7. The Terraria Swag Beast

    Xbox 360 HULK SMASH!!!

    Okay so when I drop blocks the damage is insane. Once I fell of a 20-30 block drop and I took 7000 damage. 7 freakin thousand!!! And if I fall like around 15 its like 70 damage...
  8. The Terraria Swag Beast

    Xbox 360 Still So Confused

    Okay I have seen some threads but am still really confused. Okay, so the new update brought some mounts. But which ones? Because I Went on the Terraria Wikia (Not the official Gamepedia) and i searched for the Honeyed Goggles or whatever that mount thing is called and said it is only for PC! So...
  9. The Terraria Swag Beast

    Terraria Help!

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone could get me Terraria as it is only 3.99 cause its on sale. But anyway. I was wondering, what graphics card do u need to be able to play Terraria?
  10. The Terraria Swag Beast

    Terraria? Any Scary Secret???

    So in the ( in my opinion horrible game)Minecraft, some people have seen Herobrine. I'm not sure to believe them or not. Anyway, does Terraria have a "Herobrine" or something like that?
  11. The Terraria Swag Beast

    Super! Smash! Terraria!!!

    I was inspired to make this thread by two other threads. Anyway, what if we were to make a Terraria version of SSB4. What would the maps, items, amibo, Custom Moves, Moves, and characters!!! This would be a little project kinda thingy. We should make a roster and maps roster and items roster...
  12. The Terraria Swag Beast

    Pumpkin Moon Help

    Hi. I'm doing a mage only play through on console and I have a couple questions. 1. What are some good weapons and accessories are good for the pumpkin moon? 2. What are some good Melee weapons and accessories are good for the pumpkin moon? 3. What are some good Ranged weapons and accessories...
  13. The Terraria Swag Beast

    Casual Who wants to help me make a song?

    Who wants to help me make a Terraria song. I can use most suggestions if they fit into the song nicely. Thanks hope I get help...
  14. The Terraria Swag Beast

    I see Different Terraria biomes as life...

    I see The Terraria biomes as things of life. I see the Normal/Green Biome as your calm/relaxed side. The Hallow your exited/fun side. The Corruption/Crimson as your evil side. (Yes everyone has an evil side :P ) The jungle as your problems/stressed side. The Underworld as your feelings deep down...
  15. The Terraria Swag Beast

    Xbox 360 Grappling hook help

    I've tried with an amethyst hook and a diamond hook but the same things happen. So what happens is that when i grapple on to a wall underground I go through the blocks. I would pass some blocks and go through it.
  16. The Terraria Swag Beast

    Xbox 360 Torch make me fly... Illuminati Confirmed

    Anyway. Sometimes when I'm underground and I place a torch my character like teleports up like 3-5 blocks and it makes a sound like I am breaking sand. It's kinda annoying. It's not game breaking or that big but just a little annoying.
  17. The Terraria Swag Beast

    Xbox 360 God Dangit...

    I just entered hard mode. Anyway like every night that I at the surface and in my house a possessed armor or a wraith comes into my house and kills 2 of my npcs. I know its only 2 but they r in my house because they r important. They r the nurse and the guide. Anyway I can stop that from...
  18. The Terraria Swag Beast

    Hello To All

    Hi I'm new to the forum although I've been playing terraria for a while. If anyone is interested of how I got into terraria just ask and I will post. Anyway I've played Terraria on Mobile (Amazon) version, and Terraria Xbox 360 Edition Collectors Edition so I got stickers :D. Anyway thanks for...
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