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  1. DaPielord

    Town of Salem Thread

    Hello everyone! Relatively recently, I started playing a game called Town of Salem. It is based off the party game mafia, with a ton of new roles. Share your favorite roles, best moments etc. For example my favorite roles are Jailor and Spy. - DaPielord
  2. DaPielord

    Terraria Movie

    Hi Everyone, First off, this is not a thread about requesting a Terraria Movie. I just wanted to know if I would be allowed to make a Terraria movie for a school project. I just want to borrow the idea of the game, not the music or anything else. What I will be using is weapons, mobs and...
  3. DaPielord

    Movie General MCU Discussion Thread

    Hi Everyone! I made this thread to discuss the MCU currently, where it has been, where it will go and why. For example, where do you think the MCU will go after phase 3? Thanks, DaPielord.
  4. DaPielord

    WIP Youtuber References

    I thought it was a good idea to make small references to youtubers in Terraria. This is just a basic idea, and any help would be appreciated! PythonGB: Dryad Dialogue: I heard there was a snake, who lived in a forest/mesa, that was quite good at surviving… Dryad Dialogue: I heard there was a...
  5. DaPielord

    Clash Royale - Welcome to the arena!

    This is a thread about Clash Royale. Share what arena you are in, good or bad strategies, etc. I am in arena 4, using Giant, Witch, Archers, Knight, Barbarians, Bomber, Arrows and Fireball. It works very well at my level, and wrecks face.
  6. DaPielord

    WIP Lunar Furniture!

    Hi everyone, I'm here with my latest suggestion. Lunar Furniture. Solar: It goes in this order, going horizontally: Wall, chest, torch, candle, chair, platform, bed, sofa, chandelier, door, table, dresser, grandfather clock and piano. They would emit a faint orange glow. Vortex: In the same...
  7. DaPielord


    Hi everyone, this is my Q and A thread. Ask me anything that doesn't ask about me in real life. Thanks!
  8. DaPielord

    WIP Modes

    So, I want a new idea that will completely change the game. Adding modes for different weapons. This will add different attacks to weapons, like broadswords working as shortswords. The default key to change modes would be X, C or the middle mouse button. Some feedback would be appreciated here...
  9. DaPielord

    What triangular objects can you see?

    This was based on my obsession with the Illuminati. Side of a standing picture frame?
  10. DaPielord

    Say something related to the word above!

    I'll start: Illuminati.
  11. DaPielord

    Humorous Things that you love... But other people hate

    For example, all of my friends love John Cena (mainly just the meme), but everyone hates it. And surprisingly, terraria. A few of my friends love it, but everyone else says the either don't like it, don't play it or say it's a copy of minecraft. Someone I know also didn't know about it until...
  12. DaPielord

    Mobile Buffing Turtle Shell Droprate

    Please can 505 buff the turtle shell droprate to compensate the lowered spawn rates. It may just be me, but after spending about a year in hardmode, I still haven't got a turtle shell. It think this means they are a little rare. Thanks, DaPielord.
  13. DaPielord

    Forum Suggestions

    Ok. This is a weird suggestion that asks for a whole new sub-sub forum. My idea is to have a part to suggest things to add or change to the forums, like this suggestion here. Thanks!
  14. DaPielord

    Humorous Ways to skewer food

    Yeah. Very random topic. You can post ways or ideas to skewer food here. I might post my idea (which involves a vacuum cleaner) later, if I get round to drawing a diagram.
  15. DaPielord

    Phasesaber tooltips and more!

    I’m just gonna jump right in. Blue: May the force be with you! Red: Join the dark side… Green: I’ve got a bad feeling about this… Purple: This party's over. New weapon! Blaster pistol 1x Space Gun 20x Crystal Shards 34 Damage Mana Cost: 8 Use Time: 18 Knockback: 0.5 Never tell me the odds...
  16. DaPielord

    Some more Wall of Flesh drops

    First off, I understand we do not need more drops from the Wall of Flesh in the same drop table. I have also thought of a way to fix that here. Hungry Hook: Reachs 27 blocks. You can control the end like a yo-yo. You can have 2 out at once. 50% drop chance from the Wall of Flesh. Spring...
  17. DaPielord

    A Slight Change to the Pink Torch

    Hi! DaPielord here, suggesting a very minor tweak to the pink torch. Other items crafted by pink gel are bouncy. My idea is when you drop this torch, it bounces around a bit. I think this will just add a bit more character to the pink torch. Thanks, DaPielord.
  18. DaPielord

    Sprites Goblin Staff: A Clash of Clans reference!

    Ranger and Melee have ways to increase the amount of gold dropped from enemies. This is a way that summoner can get more gold per kill. Stats: Damage: 23 Use Time: 21 Knockback: 2 Mana Cost: 10 Ability: Inflicts Midas Recipe: 5 Gold Dust 10 Hallowed Bars 5 Souls of Fright Goblin: Staff...
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