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  1. MutantWafflez

    tModLoader TerraTemp (Temperature/Climate Mod)

    TerraTemp Current Version: v1.2.1.0 "Ever wanted to die of Heat Stroke or Hypothermia in Terraria? Now you can!" TerraTemp is a mod that adds one main mechanic into the game: Temperature. Every corner of Terraria now has varying levels of temperature, from the hot & humid lands of the Jungle...
  2. MutantWafflez

    tModLoader Master Mode Reloaded (M.M.R)

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: This mod will not be publicly available until 1.4 TModLoader releases. For now, this mod will be created in the background...
  3. MutantWafflez

    tModLoader Merciless Mode

    MERCILESS MODE Current Version: 0.5.1 This Mod has been discontinued and will no longer be available on the Mod Browser. Thank you for everyone who downloaded the mod, and I hope you had fun! I will be moving on to different projects from this one. Lunatic...
  4. MutantWafflez

    Hardcore Low Health Debuffs

    So I think this may have been suggested before, but here's my idea on the subject. So we should all know Hardcore (I hope) Die and the character is deleted. That's about it for Hardcore. But I think there a hardcore character should be given debuffs when they are low on HP. For example, half of...
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