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    Frozen and desert key

    I am in need of both of these in journey mode. I will trade a cellphone
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    Mobile Mobile 1.4.1

    When this update gets released we will be able to get the rainbow cursor object just like pc.
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    Console 1.4 release

    When 1.4 gets released to console will it contain the torch god event? I love this event and what the item does.
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    Mushroom biome

    I think that the mushroom biome should be able to grow in dirt instead of mud. I always have to go to the jungle to get some mud every play through which takes about 45 to set up totally
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    What is the weakest moon lord weapon

    I know both of the staffs suck but I am not counting those. I personally think meow mere, it is so hard to control and the projectiles are affected by gravity.
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    What is the best pre-hardmode weapon

    I personally think blood rain now with jester arrows
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    PC Frozen key

    I need the frozen key in journey mode. I will pay in other keys
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    Resolved Privileges

    I can’t post on trading because I have insufficient privileges, how do I get sufficient privileges.
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    Celebration mk2 or Last prism

    I personally still like the last prism over the celebration mk2. The ability to change colors with different names
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    Resolved Titles

    I see some people have titles with their name like destroyer or Skeletron, I know you get this from trophies but I just got one that allows me to be destroyer. I don’t know how to use it. I got the achievement alert the paparazzi
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    PC Gem animals not filling in bestiary

    I found a gold squirrel it filled in all gold animals, when I found amethyst bunny it only filled in amethyst bunny instead of all the gem bunnies. IDK if this is how it is supposed to work but I have played over 130 hours on my character in journey end and I can only find that one bunny
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    Console Will PS5 get terraria

    When the PS5 release will terraria come quickly to PS5 or will it take a year or something. Will PS4 get terraria 1.4 or will only PS5. Will PS5 get 1.4 immediately or will it get a 1.3 update, will you be able to cross platform between PS4 and PS5?
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    Duke Fishron or Empress of Light

    I really like EoL but Duke Fishron is still my favorite boss. I like the attack patterns and how you can try to beat him early in hardmode, EoL is late hardmode.
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    PC Looking to buy desert key and frozen key

    My luck is just really bad at getting them, in journey mode. I don’t exactly have a price or item in mind for paying or trading. I do have corrupt, crimson, hallow, and jungle key
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    Ask the mythical weapon any thing

    Rules No personal info questions No questions on political opinions No religious questions
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    Journey mode bestiary

    I want to fill up my bestiary, looking for some one to help me. I am missing 30 creatures
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    Crimson mimic

    I have a corruption world but I added a crimson biome, I tried to spawn crimson mimic but it doesn’t spawn how do I get it in the bestiary
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    Resolved Bestiary

    I was wondering if there was anyway to get wall creepers in hardmode, I didn’t fill them in the bestiary and now I am in hardmode
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    Disappearing items

    While farming in the blood moon trying to get blood tears researched, I spawned a blood Nautilis and it dropped the sanguine staff, at the end of the blood moon I went to go pick up all my loot but it wasn’t there.
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    Is there a possible way to get Arkhalis in journey mode?
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