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  1. Mine®

    Casual Totally not releated to developer news and announcements!

    And as we got warned to not get off topic in mobile terrarians assemble thread, I created this off topic thread to get off topic in it! :-) (I know it's off topic' but we can resume our mobile conversation without getting warned)
  2. Mine®

    Guide on how to use forum posting features on low tier browsers

    Hello forum users! I thought that on this small earth, there could be people like me who can't access or use all posting features on their browser. Web browsers like opera mini or maybe some phones won't let you use them at all (because they don't have line cursor). Anyway, posting features...
  3. Mine®

    TV Which animated/film series made you depressed after it ended? Why?

    Hi there! As you know or have exprienced, when you watch a show for a while, if you like it, you will get addicated to it after some time have been passed. But if it eventualy reach an ending, you will get a feeling that makes you want to cry loudly and do nothing for rest of your life! But...
  4. Mine®

    How to delete a thread?

    How to delete a thread that you created wrong?
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