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  1. Rariaz

    PvP Terraria eSport

    Greetings friends, I present you the prototype of the Terraria eSport v0.1 map, but before showing you the map and what it is, let me ask for your help... You see, the map is playable and functional but the project reached a point where I can no longer Test and balance it, I need your help, I...
  2. Rariaz

    Relationships with NPCs + extra

    Definitely is a neat feature to interact and improve bonds with the npcs just like harvest moon or animal crossing, Give gifts or special kind of items that improve our relationship with all the npcs in the game. Depending on giving some items to sertain npc will increase or decrease bonds to...
  3. Rariaz

    PvP / block / weapon / Busters pads - Related ideas

    Hello here are some ideas i posted while ago but now i want to have a proper thread, are like pvp related, i think ill be nice that we have something like this. Team Blocks: basically are blocks that just a respective team can pass trough...
  4. Rariaz

    Drawings & Paintings TerRariartz

    Hello! im reviving this old post whit some updates, New Art! Also there are 4 diferent version of this image 3 available on my Deviant Art https://rariaz.deviantart.com/gallery/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wallpaper Engine...
  5. Rariaz


    Portal Environment im still testing some textures and adding more details. lvl finished
  6. Rariaz

    Adventure TerRa-01 Adventure Collectaton map.

    well i create this planet for a contest, but this is the Large Version, and it is an Adventure map and now i will present to you in a proper way. its a Short adventure where you must find 5 Large amethyst, 4 large 1 must be crafted. there are some secrets to find. can you find them all...
  7. Rariaz

    PC Project // TerRariaz Planet//

    Hello, im pretty excited about TerRariaz Planet (Adventure Map) so i decided to show you some constructions and ideas. 18/08/2015 NEW 06/04/2015 Jungle waterfalls NEW 06/04/2015 Japanese Restaurant 25/03/2015 Rariaz Sanctuary 24/03/2015 // Pirate Cabin Mother Ship / Project...
  8. Rariaz

    How much time have you spent on Terraria?

    i love terraria and spent to much time playing, and creating maps, and proyects, also drawing terraria related and have a good time in the forum. Playing terraria like 477 + 213 (old acount)= 630 hours since i played terraria for the first time. (new acount) like: 30 hours on Tedit 3 15 hours...
  9. Rariaz

    NPC Girls - Art by Rariaz

    Fast Updated,- fixed some broken jpgs, and added some new art. Terraria NPC Girls Jaltoid Style by Rariaz They will give you clues in the TerRariaz Planet - Adventure map (WIP) more info: >>> TerRariaz Planet <<< more of my work: >>> Rariaz DeviantART <<< Redesign: extras: bryan lee...
  10. Rariaz

    Adventure TerRariaz Planet, Adventure Map WIP

    Sry for the bad english... Hello today ill like to share whit you the WIP of the TerRariaz Planet - Adventure/Exploration Map TerRariaz Planet is an Adveture map where you can play alone or with your Friends! you must discover the true Story about this planet while you fight and survive this...
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