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  1. Warriorcurio

    PC Moving off Cloud not downloading map files

    It seems that when you move a character off of the Cloud, it doesn't download the map files associated with that character, only the player file and creates a fresh map folder. Found this out when playing multiplayer with my friend who barely plays, and I decided to duplicate my character so I...
  2. Warriorcurio

    PC Making Ground Summons Less Useless

    There are quite a few ground summons in the game, but they are all quite terrible against most bosses/flying enemies in comparison to the flying summons. Here are a few suggestions to improve on them (no idea how to balance weapon damage so these are only attack style balances). Vampire Frog...
  3. Warriorcurio

    Celestial Sigil Waiting Time

    It’s such a pain to get moonlord to spawn, since you have to wait at LEAST a minute each time you want to, and it’s even longer if using the pillars to spawn him instead of the sigil. For the amount of fragments it takes to craft a sigil, I think it should just work like a regular boss summon...
  4. Warriorcurio

    PC More Summoner Accessories

    Currently, there are 4 summoner accessories, ALL of which are locked behind plantera. I think at least a few extra accessories should be added. Pre-HM: There are no armours or accessories pre-boss, making it quite an endurance for bosses up to either BoC/EoW or Queen Bee. I suggest adding an...
  5. Warriorcurio

    PC Sleeping through Blood Moons and Eclipses

    I think not being able to sleep through blood moons and eclipses makes sense, however, for late/endgame players, this can just be an annoyance, especially if there are plans to do something like building. After defeating Plantera, blood moons should be able to be slept through as by then blood...
  6. Warriorcurio

    PC Make the Finch Staff obtainable from Fishing

    My first play through in 1.4 was a master summoner multiplayer with a ranger friend. We had two living trees in the world, and both of them had living wood wands. I also wasn’t getting a slime staff from farming a slime statue for ages, and so I had to rely on using a Leather Whip or a...
  7. Warriorcurio

    Guide to Critter Companionship

    After seeing the Torch God’s Favour item and how it works, I think the Guide to Critter Companionship should work similarly to it, as in it is a consumable that adds a toggle to the left of the inventory. This would be useful in both saving inventory space and summoning the Empress of Light...
  8. Warriorcurio

    Incorrect Sentence with Angler Quest Dialogue

    Pretty minor, but for the Angler's dialogue for a Bonefish, he states that he "could care less if [he] see fishbones floating". The correct wording would be that he 'couldn't care less', as the current version insinuates that he does care.
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