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  1. Castimir

    I'm refusing to play 1.4 until I bring the vision I had for my Xbox world to light.

    My friend and I have been playing on this world for a good hundred hours and along the way, we have talked so long about all the projects and all the builds we want to do. We did a good majority of them, like resupply towers based off cool designs or inside jokes, we've made our characters über...
  2. Castimir

    I already have Terraria on my Xbox, but should I save up and buy it for PC?

    For context, I'm struggling with this decision mostly because my friends play it on Xbox, but I want to try getting good at the game on a pleasant platform. I have a world and two characters which I've finished the main bosses on (minus Moon Lord which I am practicing beating solo) and a great...
  3. Castimir

    Ask Ender of Bloodlines and Insurance Fraud Scammer Anything

    HellO!!!1! I am Castimir. Your throne is not safe within my grasp. Ask question!
  4. Castimir

    How are you guys feeling about the 1.4 Vanity Contest?

    The contest ends in a couple days and I don't know how I feel about it. My drawing isn't finished but they could be looking through finalists already. I posted this because I just couldn't get it off my mind. I'd like to hear what you guys think about your chances of winning. This has been a...
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