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  1. Inkplasm

    Drawings & Paintings The Perforator Hive

    Been a while since I've drawn something in this style :o
  2. Inkplasm

    tModLoader How do I make modded items appear in chests?

    Trying to make more items appear in Shadow and Dungeon chests but I have no idea how to do this. Anybody know how?
  3. Inkplasm

    tModLoader Modded Sword's Handle not in characters hand (HELP!)

    I'm trying to add in a sword based on the Ultima Weapon from Kingdom Hearts, but the handle appears out of the characters hand when I swing it. Anyone have any advice? here's the weapon
  4. Inkplasm

    Pixel Art --ThatOneKiwi's Weapon, Tool and Armor Re-spriting Emporium-- (REQUESTS ARE OPEN)

    Are you making a mod? Or a thread that you want slightly better sprites for? Well come on down to ThatOneKiwi's Weapon Refining Emporium! We take old sprites and put them through a high-tech machine to make sure that your sprite comes out looking fresher than ever! Examples: --> --> -->...
  5. Inkplasm

    Drawings & Paintings Stardust Summoner

    From my DeviantART: https://colours-of-a-rainbow.deviantart.com/art/Stardust-726693587
  6. Inkplasm

    Drawings & Paintings Solar Flare

    From my DeviantART: https://colours-of-a-rainbow.deviantart.com/art/Solar-Flare-725532585
  7. Inkplasm

    PC Nintendo Switch UI

    Are you using your Nintendo Switch controller for Terraria? Do you wish that the game didn't have plain, old Xbox buttons? Well worry no more ~THE NINTENDO SWITCH UI~ by ThatOneKiwi Download To install place the "Glyphs_O.xnb" file in "Steam > Steamapps > Common > Terraria > Content > Images...
  8. Inkplasm

    Sprites Elegant Dahlia

    Another Kingdom Hearts weapon! Because Keybrand exists. Elegant Dahlia Damage: 47 (Melee) Knockback: 5.5 (Average) Critical Chance: 34% Use Time: 16 (Very Fast) Rarity: Tooltip: "Do you want to scream?" Sell: 2 50 Sprays Cherry Blossoms akin to Death Sickle's projectiles (Top left of...
  9. Inkplasm

    Drawings & Paintings You feel an evil presence watching you...

    On my DeviantART: http://colours-of-a-rainbow.deviantart.com/
  10. Inkplasm

    Drawings & Paintings The Guide

    Find it on my DeviantART! : http://colours-of-a-rainbow.deviantart.com/art/The-Guide-678403948
  11. Inkplasm

    Sprites The Harpy Falchion

    I feel like there is a severe lack of things that players can make using Harpy feathers, just some potions and wings, we have never really had a reason to go and seek out feathers; So I suggest a new sword which can be crafted from these feathers: Harpy Falchion Damage = 17 (Melee) Knockback =...
  12. Inkplasm

    Sprites The Demon Flurry, A hardmode Demon Scythe

    I really like the Demon Scythe its a fun weapon, it glows, it does decent damage but I want this weapon to come with me into deep hardmode; So hey! Demon Flurry! Demon Flurry - THE DANCING SCYTHES Demon Flurry Damage: 42 (Magic) Knockback: 3 (Very Weak) Mana: 16 Critical Chance: 4% Use Time...
  13. Inkplasm

    Sprites Gummium: An alternate Chlorophyte

    Gummium: A blue, solid amber of the jungle Gummium This ore grows in average-sized veins in the jungle, it can only be mined by Hallow-level picks or above It takes 6 ore to smelt to a single bar This amber can be used to create 3 sets of Gummium armor. Armor: Gummium Mask Type Armor...
  14. Inkplasm

    Sprites Terraria on the Nintendo Switch

    I can dream that this could happen, I don't even care if it's a port. Full power Terraria on the go! (Idk why I made this)
  15. Inkplasm

    Sprites Omegalodon

    OH BOI LOOK AT DIS IDEA THAT HAS NOT BEEN THOUGHT ABOUT BY EVERY TERRARIA FORUM USER Yeah it's the Omegalodon (Someone has probably thought of that name before) Omegalodon Damage: 84 (Ranged) Knockback: 3 (Weak) Critical Chance: 15% Use Time: 4 (Insanely Fast) Velocity: 12 Tooltip: 75% Chance...
  16. Inkplasm

    Sprites Revamped and Reimagined Armour

    So alot of pre-hardmode armours have had the same basic stats and sprites since they were introduced. So here's a reboot ***BOLD TEXT MEANS A NEW ADDITION*** Shadow Armor - The Corrupt Assassin Defense: 19 Stats: +21% Melee speed Set Bonus: +15% Movement Speed Press DOWN to...
  17. Inkplasm

    Pixel Art My Sprite Thread

    So this is my sprite page I guess? - Palladium Themed Items (Colour scheme at bottom, Outline on left, shadows, normal and highlight on right - Spectre Blade MORE COMING
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