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  1. Victoic

    PC Moon Lord drops trade

    I have 2 Meowmeres and 1 Moon Lord Trophy and would like any other Moon Lord drop (excluding Luminite Ore and Portal Gun, of course).
  2. Victoic

    I don't die, neither does Moon Lord

    Ok, guys, I'm fighting Moon Lord right now (normal difficult), I mean really right now, the game is paused, and he is in phase 2, but I can't out number his leeching in damage. I made a huge sky bridge with asphalt blocks, I'm running at 70 and something mph, using Flailron and Razorblade...
  3. Victoic

    New ways of Summoning

    This was in the old forums, now I'm posting again here First of all, English is not my primary language so please correct any mistake I make. Second, those are not specific items ideas, those are ideas of new ways for items to work and I would really love specific items ideas using those new...
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