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  1. Mihn

    Working as Designed (Journey Mode) Monoliths interaction with frozen time

    No idea if intended or not and I can't search for anything related, but: 1. Activating a monolith while time is frozen will only change the color hue to the monolith's without changing the background and provide light. Pictures: (I am wearing Ultrabright Helmet to make the change easier to see)...
  2. Mihn

    PC More convenient Pylon teleportation by making them list-based

    Currently right-clicking a pylon for teleport will open up the map and for the player to select the pylon destination on the map. This is inconvenient since you need to drag/zoom out to see the pylon on the map first to click on it. With the hard lock of 1 pylon per type per world, I don't see...
  3. Mihn

    PC Inactive Pylons - Using pylons as an additional decorative item

    I think pylon is a great addition to the game, but at this point it almost feel like it's somewhat restrictive. They got good aesthetic values, but they are currently gimped by the fact that you can only have 1 pylon of a type placed in the world. It will just block off placement otherwise...
  4. Mihn

    PC A Bunch of Journey Mode QoL Suggestions

    Over the past 2 days I have been playing exclusively in Journey Mode. While I think it's pretty decent, there are a bunch of minor annoyances that I would like to see changed. 1. Duplication - Clicking an item or outside of the name search box should revert keyboard controls back into regular...
  5. Mihn

    PC Hair Selection at Character Creation

    ..... is stupid. You need to click forever for your favorable hair style to come up, especially if it's at the end of the list. And if you "accidentally" skipped over the one you want, you will have to go through the whole list again to get back to that point, since there is no "back" option...
  6. Mihn

    Medusa Mask

    This will be a rather quick and simple suggestion. literally the medusa without the body, me is clever Medusa Mask Vanity Item 1/6 chance to be dropped by Medusas OR: Medusa Head can now be equipped, but will provide no damage or anything. I just want to have snakes on my head.
  7. Mihn

    Familiar Shoes

    It really irritates me how all but one of the boots in the game has the little "wings" or something attached at its back. And for the one that isn't (the Flower Boots) it has the bright spot, dark spot thingy that's no less annoying. Familiar Shoes Sold by the Clothier for 1 Changes color...
  8. Mihn

    PC Fake Eternia Crystal Stand

    Fake Eternia Crystal Stand Can hold an Eternia Crystal, but won't trigger the Old One's Army Event. Sold by Tarvernkeep for 25 Can also act as a Gem Lock (will send a wire signal when the Eternia Crystal is added/removed). Basically the Eternia Crystal for decorating and wiring. My original...
  9. Mihn

    Slime Rain summon item

    The slime rain is one of the 2 events that can't be summoned manually by the player (the other being Blood Moon), so here's an item for it. Slime Crown Blue Rarity Summons the Slime Rain Recipe: x1 + x20 Yes, I did notice, this thing is used to summon King Slime, but King Slime is a...
  10. Mihn

    Large Gem drop

    Since the Large Gems are used for something other than Capture the Gem (Gem Lock thingy), I suggest that it can only be dropped when you die in PvP. That's all.
  11. Mihn

    PC Open chat on SP

    "Oh crap I need to go to the toilet" *Night begins* *A purple text appeared* "What did I miss? "You..." *Text disappear* "... what am i supposed to do now" I suggest that we should be able to press Enter to open chat on Single Player to look at certain texts in-game, such as the indication of...
  12. Mihn

    Skeleton Merchant detectable

    Lifeform Analyzer can detect rare creatures. Skeleton Merchant is fairly rare but it's fairly hard to find him without a potion. Most of the time you just meet him by chance. So... Let Skeleton Merchant detectable by the Lifeform Analyzer. He will have a 'rare value' of 1. That way you can...
  13. Mihn

    Gem Portal

    You might all know . Yep, a teleporter. It can instantly tp you from a place to another in seconds. Pretty convenient. Until you realize that you need to wire 2 teleporters to each other for them to work. It doesn't matter with short distance tping, but you'd rather walk/fly there. And long...
  14. Mihn

    PC Minh's Vanity Collection

    Welcome to Minh's Vanity Collection! In this thread I will dump my vanity sets show off my vanity sets here. I was never good at making introductions, so here we go. --------- Click the images to show how to make them. The number in the box is the number of the hairstyle. --------- That's all I...
  15. Mihn

    PC Coal Changes

    Since the Chrismas event is on, some of you may have got some coal from the presents. They do absolutely nothing. And I want to change that. Remember that in Halloween, mobs drop Goodie Bags? There's a chance that you'll get some Rotten Eggs, which is used to hurt/kill NPCs. And I want the coal...
  16. Mihn

    Spectre dye

    I'm making a new vanity for one of my character, and I need something that seems ghastly. Wisp dye is too blue for me, and I need the transparent and white-ness but I don't want to use the Spectre set so... Spectre Dye Dye item Awarded from the Dye Trader as a Strange Plant reward. Any item...
  17. Mihn

    Golden Furniture

    I find it weird that almost every Golden Furniture that drops from pirates can be sold for 2 gold except the Golden Dresser, Golden Sink and Golden Piano, which is sold for 60 copper. I suggest to increase the sold price of the 3 furniture said above to 2 gold, or decrease all other Golden...
  18. Mihn

    Lunatic Cultist's Treasure Bag

    [1st suggetion made by me] The Lunatic Cultist has no treasure bag (when I beat him, and the wiki said that he has no expert exclusive item). Well actually he does, but it's useless since he have no Expert Item. So, Solution 1: Remove the Gravity Globe from Moon Lord's treasure bag's drop...
  19. Mihn

    Mobile Get into the Jungle Temple without spending key

    (Not sure if this is in the right section) Ok, I have a way to get inside the Jungle Temple without spending any keys You'll only need to throw a dynamite or bomb at the door. Then, it explode. You can even get in in Pre-HM. Yes, it works across other devices, but I don't know if the latest...
  20. Mihn

    Suggestion: Seperate title for name changes

    It popped up when I'm trying to change my name. I saw the Re-Logic staff has 3 titles, for example, Loki has "Community Manager", "Re-Logic" and "Admin" So I'm thinking... when we will change our name, the system will create another title that shows "Previously [YOUR-OLD-NAME] and left the other...
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