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  1. Night

    Was a third party software used to create some of the screenshots on Terraria's Steam page?

    The screenshots of Terraria on Steam are pretty nice, I must say. However, the 12th screenshot struck me as odd. The stalactites (the things hanging down from the stones/cliff on the right) cannot be placed by hand. This let me to speculate that either an extension for the Ocean biome was/is...
  2. Night

    Pocket Mirror included in the Ankh Charm & Shield

    In order to give this : - the Pocket Mirror - more use, it'd be nice to include the Pocket Mirror accesory in the Ankh Charm and then in the Ankh Shield. Therefore, Ankh shield would also provide immunity to the petrified debuff Medusa applies.
  3. Night

    Allow us to switch gear via the hotbar (quality of life)

    Have you ever wanted to switch your precious accessories or armor mid-fight to get be better suited for whatever situation? Well, life could so much easier, if we were allowed to switch our gear via one click if we keep it in our hotbar. Right now, keeping and accessory or armor piece in your...
  4. Night

    Mana Star crafting recipe revamp

    Hey, so as you all know all it takes to craft a mana star as of the 1.3 update are 3 fallen stars. To be honest I have no idea why they thought reducing the amount of fallen stars needed to craft a mana star from 5 to 3 was a good idea. As if it wasn't easy enough already. I thought about this...
  5. Night

    Pillar event progression bar

    So basically the celestial event is split up into four smaller events: the solar, the vortex, they nebula and the stardust pillar. I don't see why there are no event progression bars for the pillars. They'd be nice to have.
  6. Night

    PC Homescreen Symbols/Shortcuts re-arrange after starting Terraria

    I have little to no hope that I will find a soltuion for this problem here but let's see. So since the 1.3 update of Terraria all symbols and shortcuts on my homescreen are re-arranging themselves randomly. I don't know what causes this and any help is appreciated. I am currently using Windows...
  7. Night

    PC Buying Strange Plants

    Buying strange plants, all variations. Will pay 20platinum each or Treasure Bags.
  8. Night

    Biome Converting Items - Crafting recipes and additions

    Here are some pretty simple suggestions regarding biome converting items. First off I was wondering why there was no crimson counterpart to the unholy water. I think adding an item called 'Bloody Water' (feel free to come up with a better name) would be a good idea. The crafting recipe would be...
  9. Night

    Loadout Slots

    I recently thought about how comfortable it would be to have ''loadout slots'' for your armor/vanity and accessory bar. I was kind of surprised when I couldn't find any suggestions for that so here I go. Here we see three different loadouts. A melee, a ranger and a mage one. It can be...
  10. Night

    Night's Buildings - On request!

    Hello Terrarians. So this is my thread where I will take building requests and fulfill them...maybe. I've put some time into building in Terraria and I really enjoy it, it became one of my favourite things in Terraria to do lately. I'm not that great of a builder so don't expect too much. I...
  11. Night

    The upgraded guide

    The guide can be pretty helpful sometimes. He knows all the recipes and is willing to tell you them...but we could go even further. At first I thought about suggesting an extra npc for this but the guide would be just the right person for this... If you put a banner into the guide's slot he...
  12. Night

    Wyvern Mount

    So as we all know 1.3 will allow us to dye our mounts and even use dye on them making the way more useful and cooler! I want to present to you: the Wyvern Mount [sprites are welcome!] Item: I don't have a name for the item yet, any suggestions? [1 in 100 / 1% drop chance by Wyvern]...
  13. Night

    Sub-Weapon Categories?

    We all know about the three main weapon types: Melee, Ranged and Magic But after taking a closer look I realized that these three main weapon types are divided into sub types. This is just a speculation, but let me show you! Melee could be divided into ->Swords + Spears...
  14. Night

    WIP Tool: Matter Exchanger

    ***Apparently @Baconfry already posted a similliar suggestion, check it out!*** http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/auto-inserter.6126/ ̶w̶̶e̶̶l̶̶c̶̶o̶̶m̶̶e̶̶ ̶̶t̶̶o̶̶ ̶̶s̶̶t̶̶a̶̶r̶̶b̶̶o̶̶u̶̶n̶̶d̶̶!̶ Do you know the feeling when you are just trying to build a tunnel, extend a house...
  15. Night

    Weird spawned ...stone?

    So I was playing Terraria today as I stumbled across what seems to be a ... I don't even know. Here it is: It's another one of those generated things. That's for sure. I've seen tents and all that, but this? No! It looks like a boulder. Mixed with dirt. Having either a brain or a dump on top...
  16. Night

    MH[FU] anyone?

    Anybody here besides me who played/plays any Monster Hunter game on PSP, PPSSPP or Nintendo? If not you should defintely check it out! It's awesome! If yes, tell me about your experiences and which rank you are ;) :naughty:
  17. Night

    Terraria Otherworld: Fantasy Medieval or Future?

    So I'm pretty sure have just seen the trailer of this amazing upcoming new game, Terraria Otherworld...right? Right! It looks amazing. It seems to be fantasy based...but there is this machine at 0:14... It reminds me of Starbound. Just a bit. But what do you think the game should focus on...
  18. Night

    Huge wave of new Terraria fans incoming?

    ~I can't believe this... PewDiePie playing Terraria? This will be fun.~ [For those of you who don't know: PewDiePie is the most subscribed person on YouTube] This may or may not result in a ton of new players buying the game and joining our wonderful Terraria community. What do you guys...
  19. Night

    [Suggestion] Conversation ''fix''

    Every time I/you open up a conversation you start from the first page. It would be cool if it would just direct you to where you left of, to the newest message. Is there any way this could work? I know it's just a minor effort to click the page but I find it kind of annoying sometimes.
  20. Night

    PC [Tshock] custom server groups and text colours ?

    Hello Terrarians! So I just got co-host on a new server of a friend... It used to be a freebuild server before but now we are changing the concept. He is using a Vortex Server and I have access to the console and everything. And I am experienced with Tshock commands but this doesn't really...
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