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  1. Essa20

    tModLoader Game Mechanics Changing Mods

    So I've been looking through Terraria mods and, I find mods like Overhaul to be very interesting, so could people suggest mods for me that are like Overhaul (No content or RPG mods please) Thanks!
  2. Essa20

    Adventure The Legend Of Maxx Fan-Made Map [Need Help]

    So I am making a Legend Of Maxx fan-made map (For those of you who don't know what it is you can find it here) Long story short, I suck at altering worlds to fit with the comic's world, so i'm asking for someone to help me make the landscape I can make everything else, i just need someone to...
  3. Essa20

    PC Modded Expert Terraria Playthrough (Overhaul)

    I wanna do a expert modded playthrough and i am looking for players to play with me. Unfortunately i'm playing on GOG version so if anyone knows how to setup a server without friend requests, they'd be very welcome:) We can chat using Discord or the in-game chat (But no voice chat since I don't...
  4. Essa20

    PC Softcore Expert Playthrough

    I'm looking for people to do a playthrough with me,since i use GOG version I can't connect via steam so if anyone has any other ways please let me know :D;) Max people would be (not including me): 4 Minimum(not including me): 3 I would prefer if you were: 12+ and have intermediate terraria...
  5. Essa20

    Story The Adventures Of Levi

    Hello everyone! I've decided to start my first fan fiction! I hope you like it and remember this is my first fan fiction!
  6. Essa20

    tModLoader Terra F+ Modpack

    This is a modpack which adds thousands of items,npcs,and more!It includes mods such as tremor and thorium,and many more! this will be updated to include more mods,please post suggestions for mods below! This will probably be the biggest modpack...
  7. Essa20

    tModLoader Server Help!!!!!!!

    I'm making a server but i don't know how to force players on a team!I'm on tmodloader
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