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  1. Astro.

    PC Game wont start.

    Basically i try to load terraria or tmod loader and they wont load. Any other steam game will. So i went to properties and clicked validate game files on terraria and it said "1 file failed to validate. File will be reacquired" I did the validation again and it says the same thing.
  2. Astro.

    World not loading

    Basically when i load a world it says backup not found, but i looked and i do have a backup.
  3. Astro.

    I have consumed the frog, now ask me anything

    consume frog
  4. Astro.

    PC This is some pog world generation terraria.

    Ok so basically, my friends and I were playing drunk world. It has 14 entire living trees. The dungeon is hidden underneath one of them. The jungle is part snow biome and is currently having an identity crisis. And there isn't any desert for a long time in it. Funny world gen lol
  5. Astro.

    Anyone remember the terraria animated series or the fact they got a comic?

    I only just remembered these things. The animation was kinda cursed ngl. What kind of person uses gold armor in Hardmode
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