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  1. James Harrow

    The Cycle of Cringe

    Now if you really can't handle cringe, please don't stay on this thread. The idea is that someone posts something cringeworthy, and the next person posts something to counter the cringe. The posts to counter the cringe can be funny, epic, or just anything but cringeworthy. These posts can either...
  2. James Harrow

    Describe Someone Using One Word

    So the idea of this “Forum Game“ is to describe any living creature using one word. Display a picture or gif of that someone and follow it with a single word. This includes fictional characters, real people, or even fellow community members. Use any words you want, as long as it's nothing too...
  3. James Harrow

    PC 1.3: Which Item is Now the Rarest?

    With 1.3 up, there have been so many rare items released, and lots of the old rare ones have had their drop rates increased. Before then it was obvious: 1. Nymph Banner 2. The Axe 3: Coin Gun And there is so much more. But with 1.3 nerfing all the item drop rates, the chart is all different...
  4. James Harrow

    PC Lifeform Analyzer Improvements

    I was watching one of ChippyGamings videos that he released today, and he had two times where he lost rare creatures. 1. He lost a Nymph while digging a helevator 2. He lost a webbed stylist. This has happened to me with: 18 Normal Mimics 1 Webbed Stylist 2 Tortured Souls 3 Crimson Mimic Lots...
  5. James Harrow

    PC Bug: The Groom's hat

    This is minor, but it appears that the groom has a floating hat. It looks like it is separated by a one pixel barrier. Its minor, but it annoys me a little. Okay it annoys me a lot. That's it. Might be for some other mobs, but I'm not sure. Yeah. The Groom.
  6. James Harrow

    PC Suggestion: Escaped Cultist NPC

    Now this might not be the best suggestion, but here we go: So the idea of this guy is to give you some items to help you with the end of game events, and bosses. Basicially, after defeating the cultist, you would hear see a message for the first time he is killed that says: "You hear screams of...
  7. James Harrow

    PC Bring back the old banner mechanics!

    I've seen this around. Some people have complained about the new banner mechanic. Its only good for some mobs. Examples include most slimes, zombies, dungeon monsters, and demon eyes. But then there is the other side. All the rare mobs that have been introduced, given banners, or already have...
  8. James Harrow

    PC Favorite Moon Lord Drop?

    Once we all fought and killed the Lunar Pillars, we were greeted with silence, and then this: But when you finally killed him, you are given insanely OP weapons and items that no others can compare to. What I would like to know is which item is your favorite, and why. In my opinion, its the...
  9. James Harrow

    PC New Targeting Mechanics For Summoning Weapons

    This isn't much, but its a suggestion. So with summoners it can be kind of annoying when your minions are attacking all of the little enemies, when you want them to attack something like a boss, or a larger mob. So basically, my suggestion is that you could set the target of your minions to...
  10. James Harrow

    PC What Was the Most Annoying Boss You Ever Tried to Kill?

    We've all had to fight bosses, but there are some bosses that seem impossible at first, and they can just be a pain to kill, or they just spawn too often, and annoy the :red: out of you. The most annoying boss that I had to kill was the destroyer. I don't know why, but I just couldn't ever kill...
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