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  1. Bed_breaker117

    Drawings & Paintings requestation! I'll take simple requests!

    here,I take your requests! this is purely practice for me but maybe a piece of art for you. I do have a few rules. First,don't make it too complicated.like "make a mountain made of granite!" or smthing like that. Also,I'm real bad at drawing faces so please no faces.. you can also give me pixel...
  2. Bed_breaker117

    whenever I try to join my friend's game,this happens :/

    I join the server of his and then it just arrives here.ANY HElP PLEEEAAASE!
  3. Bed_breaker117

    Resolved insuffiecient privileges? is this thread goign to be locked?

    this comes up when I posted in the ris of colussus thread.I'm not sure why thsi happends,and am wondering what it means.how do I have insufficient privilges?
  4. Bed_breaker117

    make Vanity armors into actual armor! not a suggestion just an idea!

    So a few months ago I was thinking that,what if vanity sets got armor stats? well,today I am putting my idea into fruition! tell me what stats your vanity set that you have chosen will have? for my pick: pumpkin armor! the fat halloween set btw. it will be a mainly defense focused...
  5. Bed_breaker117

    Book least favorite book?

    I love books.I can read any book in under a day If I have enough time.I feel like I read faster tahn others.But then there are just books that I really don't like.They are really rare,but I found that I absolutely hate most books that are classics :mad: ! they are super long,all the words feel...
  6. Bed_breaker117

    Calamity abandoned labratory spruce-up!

    so here is what the lab looks like now. How can I make it better? what walls do I replace? I'm at post eoc. thanks!
  7. Bed_breaker117

    Ask a bed breaker anything!

    Hi! I like books lot's of books I like beds Lot's of beds! I like Munching I like Crunching On mean beds Ask anything allowed by the forum rules. Nothing personal please! Thanks!
  8. Bed_breaker117

    PC What is the max entity limit?

    after watching adamchrome's bunny exploit video,I've been questioning : how many entitie's can be in terraria at once? the internet is very slim on search results so I came here. I would like to know the max entity limit so I can spawn in a specific amount of bunnies on the FTW seed.
  9. Bed_breaker117

    Make journey mode not give you achievements

    It was the first few days I had played terraria on the pc. I earnestly made a chracter, unaware that it was on journey mode> I got the achievemnt: Head in the clouds. I was not supposed to get that until hardmode ( which ruined it.I feel like getting achievements in this creative...
  10. Bed_breaker117

    PC Looking for a fiberglass fishing pole seed!

    For some reason,the fiberglass fishing pole is extremely rare.I'm looking for a seed so I can consistently go back to it for any other of my characters/OCs.
  11. Bed_breaker117

    Pixel Art Which pixel art rpogram do you use?

    Hi! So I was looking at a few sprite dumps and decided to make my own sprites! what pixel art/art program do you recommend?
  12. Bed_breaker117

    the Pre-Hardmode tier list

    Inspired by baconfry's list,I decided to make my own Key: S: Absolutely overpowered A: A really good weapon/ammo B: An average weapon/ammo C: Not recommended to use D: Defenitely don't use F: Why would you try to use this?? Ammo types: Weapons Obtained or Crafted through Mining...
  13. Bed_breaker117

    Drawings & Paintings My journey to better pixel art!

    Here are my half baked,half decent sprites.Keep in mind that I don't have a lot of experience, So theres that. Pm me if you want to use my sprites(no one does)
  14. Bed_breaker117

    How to defeat the destroyer extremeley easily

    I know there are a lot of people out there looking for help on the destroyer fight.This is a guide I've been wanting to realease for a while now.So here we go Step 1: Don't make an arena! instead,make a box.You can fit a house for the nurse if you wan't but you don't need to.In that box, fit a...
  15. Bed_breaker117

    It's me! the bed_breaker.I like to play terraria and other games!

    Hi! I look forward to be a member of the forums. About me: I have played terraria on both xbox 360 and PC I played minecraft solely on the xbox 360 for 7 years! I Am a mostly casual player I like Pizza I think water is better than soda:naughty:
  16. Bed_breaker117

    FTW expert mode wall of flesh help!

    So,for the past two weeks,I have tried to kill the wall with two methods.The water bolt method,and the demon scythe + phoenix blaster method,and then the space gun method.Regardless,It seems as if I cannot do any much damage and that seems to be my issue.My current set-up is the jungle hat and...
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