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  1. Krired

    PC Astolfo Valkyrie map border

  2. Krired

    Adventure The Relics of Veitos (Trailer Released! Game needs more time in the oven...)

    It's totally my fault, because by mistake I placed blocks that I got when I used bombs, which blocked my way back, and I couldn't break them because I had no tools to do so. A sequel could be nice, I think. I would totally try it, it would be good stuff. :happy:
  3. Krired

    Make an item OP game.

    Every attack will cover surfaces with Ichor, anything that touches it will have permanent Ichor and will gradually lose defense and damage reduction indefinitely. Any enemy that has this effect will explode upon death, spreading a lot of Ichor around, stronger than before. This will stack...
  4. Krired

    Cthulhu / Poseidon boss pixelart

    You have to understand almost no one is going to make sprites for you just like that, especially for free.
  5. Krired

    Make an item OP game.

    Hitting an enemy twice will inflict tin poisoning on the target, quickly decreasing it's health. Venus Magnum
  6. Krired

    Screen resolution should not change view distance.

    No idea. About a week ago the tmod devs said on their discord that 1.4 would still be months on the future. So, my guess is sometime early 2021 or maybe december if we are lucky. It's best to be patient, they are working very hard on it.
  7. Krired

    Achievement Problems and NPC Truffle

    I see you have Titanium Armor, but you don't have the achievement for breaking an demonaltar, You also don't have the achevement for making a Molten Pickaxe, even though you have one. Best advice I can give is reset your game, and kill the wall of flesh again. Also, make sure the game considers...
  8. Krired

    Resolved [Mobile] 1.4 Mobile to PC crossplay not working

    1.4 mobile is while on PC it's, this is probably the reason.
  9. Krired

    Make an item OP game.

    Sorry, I did not notice. How about the Clockwork Assault rifle
  10. Krired

    Screen resolution should not change view distance.

    If anyone's interested, there's a mod for tmodloader called Better Zoom, that allows for zooming out way more than vanilla. However, it will only load enemies and projectiles. It will not load terrain or blocks. The developed said it is not a bug, so I assume it's a limitation of some sort. I...
  11. Krired

    Make an item OP game.

    Works like a Piranha Gun. Upon hitting an enemy once, it will unleash a bubble explosion and it will target another nearby enemy on a big range (regardless of line of sight, goes through walls), dealing increased damage and increased crit chance. This scales the more targets you hit, up to 5...
  12. Krired

    PC Johnny Test Whip-Crack

    This is the peak of fanmade content. Everything else cannot compare.
  13. Krired

    Make an item OP game.

    Shoots 3 darts at once; can pierce, inflict venom, and can bounce on blocks. Muramasa
  14. Krired

    the item "g*psy robe" has a racial slur in it.

    I didn't even know it was a slur, but if someone sees it and gets offended, it's completely understandable. Just change it, or not. I think it makes little difference as it's such a minor thing.
  15. Krired

    Rounding Out the Journey: Terraria 1.4.1 is Here!

    I'm surprised to see so much people used to rely on the Black Spot to kill bosses. Personally I couldn't be bothered to get it. Even if it was a Master Mode exclusive, it seemed too strong for it's place in progression.
  16. Krired

    What are your feelings about terraria journey’s end

    I like it, but there's some stuff that I dont really like, like the Reaver Shark nerf; it's not something a new player is going to encounter, and even if they did, I think it's great to give players a way to progress through the game a different way. After all, Terraria is not a strictly linear...
  17. Krired

    PC Berserk Dragonslayer Sword Texture Pack

    Hey, that's pretty amazing! Hope to see more.
  18. Krired

    PC Valid Housing bug

    Usually, it's because there's corruption/crimson nearby. Whenever I get the 'not valid housing' thing and I met all other requierements, it's usually corruption/crimson sneaking underneath, which is weird because there is a 'this housing is corrupted' message. Check your map, and a screenshot...
  19. Krired

    PS4 Help

    It's probably bad luck, it's a 1/500 (1/400 in expert) drop after all.
  20. Krired

    Demolitionist Doesn't Realize He Is Underground?

    I think it's best that you share a screenshot. And it should be obvious, but use a depth meter to see if it's actually underground.
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