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  1. DarkTheGuyFromDiscord

    DarkArtist's Creations

    A compendium of my favourite in-game creations! (Made by me, and this does feature vanities) VANITIES DarkArtist - Dance and die and live forever. Fishy Dark - He smells... Wrong. DarkPaladin - The Dark Knight WhiteArtist - It's a godsend of a vanity. CyberGal - Anybody's seen my baby? BUILDS
  2. DarkTheGuyFromDiscord

    Smooth Marble not Blending Properly

    Like wtf it should blend with everything. Yet it doesn't with dirt
  3. DarkTheGuyFromDiscord

    **REPORTED** Localization not working properly with Custom "Terraria:___" Names

    I've tried changing some of the names so they reference the authors of my texture pack, and it didn't seem to function. After seeing the names I changed appear, I guessed I was either doing something wrong, or this didn't work. I did exactly as the JSON "tutorial" said, but I couldn't get it...
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