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  1. HellsBells


  2. HellsBells

    Searching for the definitive guide on how to build platforms / ladders that allow NPCs to go up and down without problems

    So I discovered that NPC’s will go down steps if they are full block steps. I think they might even sometimes go down steps if the tops several are full blocks and the few bottom stepped platforms, but I’m not positive yet. Trying to better understand this; saw some atypical downward movement in...
  3. HellsBells

    Wacky NPCs Mod

    I responded in the quoted section bc I couldn’t remember everything to respond to, so look for “>>>>>” in the above quote :)
  4. HellsBells

    Wacky NPCs Mod

    Lol I love that you’ve already played with shoe spriting and placing them! I think the Food, Furniture, Fun mod (I’m abbreviating FFF) has some placeable boots and they’re larger than 1x1 but I forget exact dimensions. I think placing food on plates is a newer update than what Tmodloader...
  5. HellsBells

    Time Monolith

    Yes! Could be sprited similar to the sundial.
  6. HellsBells

    trying to remember an old mod

    “Furniture, Food, & Fun (Cosmetic Variety)” also has a ton of placeable stuff
  7. HellsBells

    Wacky NPCs Mod

    120% for more vanity items, especially shoes. I like the random appearance of vanity items in the traveling merchant’s shop. It’s like a surprise when it’s available, not boring to kill a bunch of things to get a drop, and not so easy that you can just buy it whenever. Maybe a setup like that...
  8. HellsBells

    Wacky NPCs Mod

    I like the black hair the best- it’s the easiest to tell it’s a mustache (very cute idea!) I like the sprite for the restaurant voucher. Could there be food items that have placeable versions too? Maybe those could be in the mystery grab bags? I saw in an earlier post you’re thinking about...
  9. HellsBells

    PC an idea

    I’ve wanted that too!! Same with columns/beams
  10. HellsBells

    Whole block of cheese dipped in Nutella 😂 Yes- there’s absolutely food I miss!! This is a great...

    Whole block of cheese dipped in Nutella 😂 Yes- there’s absolutely food I miss!! This is a great coping strategy haha
  11. HellsBells

    tModLoader Useful NPCs

    40 npc’s?! Which mods? Thanks!
  12. HellsBells

    These roofs are amazing!

    These roofs are amazing!
  13. HellsBells

    tModLoader Chad's Furniture-and-More-Mod

    I don’t know! Sry :/
  14. HellsBells

    tModLoader Chad's Furniture-and-More-Mod

    There’s a “More Figures Mod” by DeliWtz that has Thorium bosses 👍
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