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  1. Loreweaver

    Survival grindhouse, small adventure project, looking for testers

    updated 29/03/2021 introduction: hi there, this is my first adventure map project, I ve been fiddling around with builds on my solo playthroughs or with a friend but now with journey mode I really felt like making something and uploading it. also I never really got into wiring and with this map...
  2. Loreweaver

    (wiring) a button

    in the spirit of keeping things simple: a button in the size of the switch with the same function, however instead of having two different visual states just light it up briefly when you right click it. I'll explain why I'm suggesting this, how new players might benefit from this and then...
  3. Loreweaver

    conceptual thoughts on adventure map making

    so I just recently got into map making using journey mode and have been thrilled with all the possibilities and am currently working on a small map kinda inspired by b-movies in the vein of 'grab a shotgun and shoot waves of monsters'. really simple stuff without puzzles and stuff. (be warned...
  4. Loreweaver

    Working as Designed demon eyes spawned from eyeball statue won't aggro

    Hi there, so I recently got into making adventure maps in journey mode, the map's premise where I came across this issue is simply that you go from area to area and fight waves of enemies. I would place down eyeball statues and when triggered, mostly with timers, the demon eyes fly up at an...
  5. Loreweaver


    Hi there terraria forum, I ll keep this short, been playing terraria for a looong time but just recently got into making adventure maps (or lets say fiddling around with it) when journey mode was introduced. been having a blast with it buuut also am having 1-2 issues with worldbuilding which is...
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