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  1. CDR_Xavier

    Mobile Chest and Chat Override

    Note: Autopause is on. When clicking on a chest in mobile, the chest opens and both inventory are shown. If I go to crafting, the chest interface will be hidden. If I click on the button to "Duplication" menu and "Craft" menu, the "chest" menu will be replaced with "chat" menu, with the chest...
  2. CDR_Xavier

    Mobile Am I crazy or have my items stopped working?

    Huh. I've never noticed that. Excuse me, but that picture is properly cursed. How do you have 8 jump buttons (and 4 D-pads) on screen again?
  3. CDR_Xavier

    Mobile What is this bull

    Might be out of RAM. Or VRAM. Similar issues (full black screen, unloaded textures) happen on PC when the RAM is low (before other undefined behavior kick in) You can clearly see that the foreground blocks are not rendering. The background objects (a.k.a. furniture) are rendered properly, and...
  4. CDR_Xavier

    PC Terraria won't launch after the new update

    I havent saw the log from terraria (the log is only enabled if a parameter is passed to it), but I feel like it is pointing to the same thing. I had seen at least two other threads that describe "Terraria wont start" issue. And it's the same issue with me. However, my case is a little bit...
  5. CDR_Xavier

    why did you start to play terraria and when

    Back then there was a bug, where if you summon a goblin invasion sometimes it will "defeat" the frost legion for you. I thought that message was trying to say that the goblins are very powerful and had defeated the frost legion on their way. i never thought the frost legion was a thing (lol)...
  6. CDR_Xavier

    What does you arena look like?

    Certainly justifies my future use of 30 heart statues .. I certainly did not world farm for that. I got most of them from duplicating back on mobile 1.2.4 and a few from actually world farm. Although we can see how long it will take to yield the statues from the worlds when I got the DCU at last.
  7. CDR_Xavier

    what would you guys say is Terraria's biggest problem

    Technically, Terraria is already renewable enough. If you view worlds and characters as bond entities (like minecraft), you can beat the game without mining a single piece of ore. Just go fish and you will still have everything. The only significantly non-renewable things are Queen Bee (and her...
  8. CDR_Xavier

    Minecraft Thread

    I never liked Minecraft that much. It had explore, but the terrain is ... in my mind, the cave generation in Minecraft is utterly rigged because you dont have wings in Minecraft, so caves as big as ones in terraria make no sense. They also generate way too frequently on certain seeds. The 3D...
  9. CDR_Xavier

    Curious for games

    He want sandbox games. I'm not sure whether you prefer combat or just building things. If you like combat than I would recommend fighting games (think league of legends). If you ask what is my pick for fighting games, World of Tanks. I like them mechanical masterpieces. LoL is just ... dump. I...
  10. CDR_Xavier

    What does you arena look like?

    About how big? That would at least need a somewhat prepared terrain. Those enemies are tough -- I was massacred by a blood eel last week. Perhaps post plantera gear.
  11. CDR_Xavier

    Mobile I want to play 1.2 Terraria in 2021

    it clearly wouldnt work on a PSP 3006... will it?
  12. CDR_Xavier

    why did you start to play terraria and when

    I can't believe THIS LATE in and we finally have a thread about it I saw a kid playing some kind of 2D digging game on his HTC called "Terraria" in 2014 or 2013, in junior middle school. It look interesting but I have no idea what it was. I started playing ... I can't remember. 2015 I think...
  13. CDR_Xavier

    Mobile I want to play 1.2 Terraria in 2021

    Do you know what devices have such "low spec" that make it unable to receive the 1.3 update?
  14. CDR_Xavier

    What does you arena look like?

    I had thought about that idea, with the platform essentially being part of the housing structure (for the nurse) since I have a natural "valley" in that area I built the house. I can move the house into that "hill" since it had some caves hollowing it out anyway and have the outside area widened...
  15. CDR_Xavier

    What does you arena look like?

    Yeah. But If you have a very steep mountain/hill, you can integrate those in nicely. Finally? Okay. Thats something nice. That was a lot of modification by my standard, especially since because it is on generated structures. I was "lucky" to have dungeon point at such a elevation. The...
  16. CDR_Xavier

    What does you arena look like?

    I have 22 heart statues (and a dozen pressure plates and wires) in my chests so I can run along something every 30 second and get 400 free life. I don't think some walling will be over-preparation. But I see no point in making such a thing. The only invasions to worry about is Martian Madness...
  17. CDR_Xavier

    PC Why I think NPC Unhappiness and how Pylons are locked are a HUGE mistake

    Well, if you are not into the pylon thing, you will sure think its bad to have the base spread out -- its so "inconvenient", right? well, that will be you without pylon network. If you had the pylon network, you might as well think twice before saying that. Im pre-hard and I had jungle, forest...
  18. CDR_Xavier

    What does you arena look like?

    What do you put in you arena? dungeon spikes? heart statues? slime statues? honey puddles? bubble house for nurse? bubble blocks with water in it? honey? I am curious about what you decide to have to fight the tough boys. I had difficulty finding a good place for constructing a arena. I plan...
  19. CDR_Xavier

    PC Since 1.4, game not launching in fullscreen

    You can change this in the title screen's setting options.
  20. CDR_Xavier

    PC can someone help me fix this

    The only significant part seem to be two things: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Data, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified. and Exception...
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