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  1. the sniper

    why did you start to play terraria and when

    i started to play it at somepoint in 2017 i dont know why i started playing it lol
  2. the sniper

    Losing teeth stories

    We all here have lost teeth hopefully lol, here's an example I had a loose tooth on the back of my mouth just before the 2 back teeth on the left side lets call them them immovable anchors, so back to the story I ended up under the tooth and then after a bit it popped off With blood lots of...
  3. the sniper

    bad things in the school system thread

    its as simple as that
  4. the sniper

    help i cant beat brimstone elemental in calamity

    im a post plantera rogue haven't beaten calamitas or aquatic scourge
  5. the sniper

    anyone know how deep each layer in the aybiss is in calamity

    i dont want to die at layer 3 for accidentally going in there from layer 2
  6. the sniper


  7. the sniper

    Im uncreative find mods that ill play

    I'm LasY
  8. the sniper

    anyone know how to run a server on linux

    i dont know how
  9. the sniper

    cant find paladins

    im trying but its not working
  10. the sniper

    anyone know how to kill daytime eol

    i dont know how to kill them in daytime
  11. the sniper

    Info accessories need to be changed a bit

    So maybe you should be able to open up a list for things that give rankings on how important certain things are my idea is that you should be able to customize the list to your liking
  12. the sniper

    Anyone know hot to abuse game mechanics to the games limit

    I wanna kill moon lord while abusing game mechanics as I do it help
  13. the sniper

    Help i cant get waterleaf

    I'm trying and its not working
  14. the sniper

    Golden critters

    You need to be able to craft them
  15. the sniper

    how to download a world and use it in terraria?

    so i want to download a world with some items but i dont know how to install a world and put make it so i can play it
  16. the sniper

    Ask the sniper anything

    Tremble before the real lord of the moon and ask him questions
  17. the sniper

    i dont feel worthy for moon lord help

    i have good gear and good potions and the proper arena but i just dont feel worthy at all
  18. the sniper

    more endless musket pouches and more endless quivers

    It would be nice to not just have a normal endless musket pouch or a normal endless quiver there needs to be more types like maybe an endless luminite pouch or an endless holy arrow quiver
  19. the sniper

    how to kill moon lord

    im scared of it cus i used proton to play terraria and the moon lord with no music changes a man
  20. the sniper

    how to cheese moon lord in 1.4

    so in 1.4 moon lords phantasmal deathray can pass through blocks so whats a way to cheese them in 1.4 any ideas?
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