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  1. LapLasagna

    Xbox One WTB/WTT: Need Traveling Merchant's paintings, other items

    Looking to buy/trade for all of the Traveling Merchant's available paintings, also looking for the Bottomless Bucket, Absorbent Sponge (?), and Golden Bug Net. I have numerous rare items and a legacy warehouse of almost all of the items exclusive to the last 360 update, and will give full access...
  2. LapLasagna

    Xbox One Willing to buy/trade rare end game items.

    Do you have a bottomless water bucket? Extremely rare drops? If you have something like a cellphone or arkalis or even a money trough, make me an offer and I'll see what I can do. Thanks!
  3. LapLasagna

    Xbox One WTS/Trade anything from 360 version

    Need Boss Summons? Christmas items? Potions or certain building materials? Pets? I am looking to trade anything in my old inventory for new items, would really like a Drill or UFO mount, possibly a Vortex Rifle and a Terrarian yoyo, but I'm definitely interested in newer items. Message me on...
  4. LapLasagna

    Xbox 360 WTB Jack O' Lantern mask

    I'd really like to add one to my collection, and can pay or trade for one. If you only have one, let me know anyways, I'm sure we can work something out. Same goes for Pumpkin/Frost Moon banners, trophies, and Ice Queen drops. GT: LapLasagna
  5. LapLasagna

    Xbox 360 WTB/Trade Event Moon Trophies

    Willing to pay for event trophies, even if you only have one of each, there's a way around it. Payment will be discussed. GT: LapLasagna
  6. LapLasagna

    Xbox 360 WTS Almost Anything

    Ore? Rainbow bricks? Random accessories? Just ask, prices are VERY fair. Trade works, too. GT is LapLasagna
  7. LapLasagna

    Xbox 360 Open Base(s) Raid

    Not specifically a store, but my base, with everything in sections, high tier (and some low) gear, almost all potions, pets, mounts, trophies, keys, paintings, even building materials. I don't have everything, but I'm sure you'll find something. If you're interested, send me a request, GT is...
  8. LapLasagna

    Xbox 360 WTB Rare Items/Trophies/etc.

    Tall order, but here goes: All Fishron Drops ALL Frost & Pumpkin Event drops (Trophies especially) Rune outfit The Axe Unicorn Mount Variety of Underground Cabin paintings (same 4 spawn no matter what, would like more) Magnet Sphere spell Inferno Fork Unholy Trident And that's all I can think...
  9. LapLasagna

    Xbox 360 Ancient Armor sets, Trophies, Keys, Banners, etc.

    Looking to buy/trade for ALL ancient sets (iron, shadow, etc.), all key moulds (except crimson), rare banners (Nymph mostly but other rarities are welcome), and boss trophies. Can pay ridiculous amounts of platinum for em or trade for other rarities (coin Gun? Paladin hammer/shield? I should...
  10. LapLasagna

    Xbox 360 Ultra Rare items

    As the title implies, I am in the market for some end game equipment and more. Angler rewards, Frost and Pumpkin Moon rarities aswell. If you have any that you don't mind trading for send me a reply with what you have and we'll go from there. Thanks in advance! Edit: couldn't delete the thread...
  11. LapLasagna

    Xbox 360 Coin Gun & Fishron Wings?

    Anyone willing to part with a Coin Gun? Maybe some Fishron Wings? I have a few rarities I could trade for, or just give some coin, let me know what you need. GT is the same as my name on here. No mic tho, sorry. Just send a message. Thanks in advance.
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