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  1. CDR_Xavier

    Mobile Chest and Chat Override

    Note: Autopause is on. When clicking on a chest in mobile, the chest opens and both inventory are shown. If I go to crafting, the chest interface will be hidden. If I click on the button to "Duplication" menu and "Craft" menu, the "chest" menu will be replaced with "chat" menu, with the chest...
  2. CDR_Xavier

    What does you arena look like?

    What do you put in you arena? dungeon spikes? heart statues? slime statues? honey puddles? bubble house for nurse? bubble blocks with water in it? honey? I am curious about what you decide to have to fight the tough boys. I had difficulty finding a good place for constructing a arena. I plan...
  3. CDR_Xavier

    Working as Designed Titanium Shard go through blocks

    The shards created by titanium armor goes through blocks when they rotate around the player. Which is normal since most weapons can "go through blocks". however the titanium shard is able to damage the enemies when the user is usually unable to (e.g. on the other side of a closed door) Also...
  4. CDR_Xavier

    Wrong range for Item usage on bed

    When lying on the bed, supposedly I am allowed to use items (that point in a direction) between 0 degrees and 180 degrees (with directly right being 0 degrees, incremented counter-clockwise) However it seems like drills (and, solar eruption) are confined to the direction between 90 degrees and...
  5. CDR_Xavier

    PC Cage hover text (in map) missing

    1.4 see the addition of a lot of things. Among them, quite a few cages (and bottles). It was rather by chance -- since I was organizing my stuff and placing down the new bottles when I noticed enemies appearing inside a walled area (which is likely not a bug since the area is not sealed and they...
  6. CDR_Xavier

    Working as Designed Cannot catch Sea Turtle with net

    I cannot catch the sea turtle with a bug net. It does not matter if I use a XInput controller (Microsoft XBox) or a keyboard ... (why will it?)
  7. CDR_Xavier

    Sandgun projectile does not drop as item

    It is mentioned that sand blocks that fall (when they are trying to land on a invalid block, e.g. torch), they will drop as an item. And when fell from above onto (e.g. glass kiln), they will drop as a item. However the sand ball projectiles that is shot from the sandgun will not drop as a item...
  8. CDR_Xavier

    Newer Terrain

    Note: Do not mix up "terrain" with "biome". They are two different things. My general thought of it was to have less caves and make the hills flatter. Moving from Mobile (which was long updated), the jagged terrain of 1.2.4 had been updated to smooth hills with the intro of 1.3. As much as I...
  9. CDR_Xavier

    Working as Designed [Mobile] drunk world evil

    Hi as mentioned earlier I had created a "drunk world". (I really should play this earlier but I assume 1.4 for mobile just got released earlier) When creating this world I had specified world evil as "corruption" but after I defeat wall of flesh a large stripe of crimson appeared instead ___ I...
  10. CDR_Xavier

    Mobile Otherworldly music

    So I created a world with the seed 05162020 for a one-stop place to get all the stuff that I wanted to get (also, both dungeon chests? Hmmm) So I met the party girl and clicked "change music" once, and now everytime I enter the world it default to "otherworldly" even if I changed it back to...
  11. CDR_Xavier

    **REPORTED** [Mobile] Potion of Return crease useless portal

    When I drank a potion of return (looted in the underworld), it teleported me back to my bed and created a blue portal. But when I clicked on the portal it did not do anything
  12. CDR_Xavier

    Mobile Rendering Issue, Tiles update, graveyard & Slime AI

    v1. Build 514 Device: iPad (6th gen, A1893) Framerate Cap: 30 Lightning: Trippy VFX quality (someone explain this): Low Backgrouds: On Blood and Gore: Off Screen Effects: Off ___ Please add noted (or tips) on what all these influence. Right now I can merely guess. UI Quality: Low...
  13. CDR_Xavier

    Mobile New Base at "Midland of the Apple"

    I just found out I had the account registered last year but never remembered to log in lol Okay. So Terraria 1.4 was live on PC/Steam early May but unfortunately I am somewhat busy with school and so I don't really miss it -_- So this mobile came out and I had decided to ... well, join it...
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