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  1. Sharpador

    New block: Planked Block.

    I notice that most walls have a block counterpart, but that is not the case with planked walls. I suggest a block that is half stone half wood, just like planked walls look but in block form.
  2. Sharpador

    Mushroom Biome Sugestion or Bug Fix for mushrooms not growing back.

    I notice that "pristine" mushroom biomes have hanging mushrooms on the roofs. But once you break them, they never grow back again, leaving the roof of the biome looking desolate. I wonder if there is a bug preventing those roof mushrooms from growing back. If there is no bug, I suggest that they...
  3. Sharpador

    Wolf Vanity Set and Werewolves Has No Tail.

    The Halloween ones. The fox vanity set has a tail and the head mask covers all the head, looks like a proper furry/mascot costume and looks good. The wolf set looks like a cheap Halloween costume, the head mask only covers the front of the head and the body has no tail. It looks quite bad...
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