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  1. oko

    Okootjes build Spectacle

    Starting a new project. Dunno where this is going. Will update progress later.
  2. oko

    PC Iris's Creations Thread

    You build really cool stuff. I realy hope you will build some more in theme: steampunk city. The airships are beautiful!
  3. oko

    PC TerraMonolith's 1.4 Journey builds (vanilla Terraria, no mods)

    After "lake house" and the ship i thought this wont get better... But man man man what a build.
  4. oko

    PC toaster04's Build Collection 2

    I like the rooms and the overgrown roof. How to get in the last room upstairs though? Tip: Make a bathroom, extra toilet, kitchen, maby a basement. Or doors to backrooms. It will make it a believable mansion. Grtz.
  5. oko

    what do you think ? (plz be honest)

    Build more, get better, try again. -x-
  6. oko

    PC High Level Building: Terraria

    Inspired by your work. Super fun to see al the details and collar combinations. I hope you will find the energy and pleasure to finish the adventure map. I would play it.
  7. oko

    Okootjes build Spectacle

    New build. Explorer with flying ship finds a sunken temple. Teleport will lead somewhere... To be continued...
  8. oko

    Okootjes build Spectacle

    Tower final finish I will try to make a better picture later this week. Some parts windows and collars disappeared, lol.
  9. oko

    PC TerraMonolith's 1.4 Journey builds (vanilla Terraria, no mods)

    Very much fun to watch. Very creative! The treehouse, the ship and the visitor center pfff wow! The visitor center is my favorite. It tells a story there s something behind the center.. I hope there will be more!
  10. oko

    Wacky NPCs Mod

    Love the mod!!! I filled my city with the npc's!!
  11. oko

    Okootjes build Spectacle

    here you can see the tower in the ocean. Some of the paint and walls are gone, because of all the water, lol.
  12. oko

    Okootjes build Spectacle

    I will do that! :)
  13. oko

    Okootjes build Spectacle

    You made the npc mod? :o I love that mod!
  14. oko

    The S. S. Pengfish

    Enjoyable to check the details of the ship . Maby raise the water higher? A ship of that size should lay deeper in the water.
  15. oko

    Okootjes build Spectacle

    Hello. I remade my castle in the ocean because I wasn't satisfied. Its not finished yet. :) On top i m growing different trees and there will be another building above it.
  16. oko

    PC Simi's Creations

    Very creative!
  17. oko

    Okootjes build Spectacle

    Would you like to live here? map (i don't know if this works, but i attached my buildmap. I hope someone likes to extend or change the tower and post it back to me.)
  18. oko

    Okootjes build Spectacle

    Start of my wizzard tower. Im gonna raise the water later.
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