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  1. Alex S

    **REPORTED** [Mobile] If you try to to move an weapon

    That is ranger gun class with scope equipped it throws it away from inventory
  2. Alex S

    Mobile Cursor colour change

    On PC Terraria you can switch colour of cursor and golf ball pointing arrow On mobile you can't switch so there only one colour of golf pointing arrow (I really want to change colour of it), so you should add cursor/cross cursor view, and colour change cursor and golf ball pointing arrow...
  3. Alex S

    Terraspark boots

    They (Terraspark boots) must have Dunerider's boots effect!!! Also auto jump for best boots in game would be nice addition.
  4. Alex S

    Mobile Chest's sorting in different way when horizontal positioning of hotbar

    Since it don't affect the game, it not critical, but its annoying when you sorted chest, but now it unsorted. I suggest way to adding new button below the "button positionig of hotbar", "Chest sorting" with same variants or simple not resorting chests with horizontal hot bar at all
  5. Alex S

    Rainbooooow Trail

    Devs spoilered this item. I waited it in Terraria, still it does not exist. I know what now it replaced by Celestial starboard (By the way its internal item name is Long Rainbow Trail Wings) I want to see it in game
  6. Alex S


    Ask me anything?!
  7. Alex S

    Mobile Starting suffocate with Celestial Starboard's hover

    Starting suffocate when hovering with celestial starboard into a sand block(s)
  8. Alex S

    Working as Designed Floret protector (Partially Suggestion)

    Floret protector's Headpiece flower (exept petals) and dirt shouldn't be painted by dye In fact this is suggestion or/and issue report, because it will look many times better.
  9. Alex S

    **REPORTED** Tv head head broken

    Hey have you ever tried reverse gravity with Video Visage eqiupped (Spoiler it is broken) At least when you moving (or staying) in reversed gravity It showing in true gravity position If you move it starts flipin between gravity
  10. Alex S

    Resolved Dynasty chairs

    NPC (Especially cat) not sit properly on dynaty chair
  11. Alex S

    Arkhalis is shaking my character!!!

    If i place cursor under my character, hold and use archalis and fly charachter starts showig in two directions at once i cant show that because only one direction per frame and it changing fastly Edit it only works if it approximately 6-10 degrees of vertical position in front of characters move...
  12. Alex S

    Royal scepter and shield can be shown at once

    This is illogical it looks like scepter goes through shield IMPORTANT: Inner tube still does not go to stealth ever after my report thread posted over 2 moths ago
  13. Alex S

    Animation pieces occured

    I don't know how to recreate this but sure it is strange Thats about that large chunk of pixels what are parts of my characters walking animation
  14. Alex S

    Life fruit alternative

    You may not know but mana max is 400 and more cannot be achieved. As we have a life fruit for add more health make something like it, but for mana. So i suggest to add Crystalic moss What grow only on pearlstone. When used (or make dish from it idk) make mana indicators Cyan or Violet as...
  15. Alex S

    Great submissions on vanity contest

    https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/journeys-end-vanity-contest-submission-thread.86457/post-1930858 https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/journeys-end-vanity-contest-submission-thread.86457/post-1930939...
  16. Alex S

    Pizza chakram

    Drop from hoplite or can be crafted from pizza (im not chose now) makes enemies move slower (inflict debuff yummy what slowes (melle -4% and moving -8% speed but adds +2% to damage)
  17. Alex S

    Charged blaster cannon

    Please make it as it was before 1.4
  18. Alex S

    Ghostly ammunition

    A block passing bullets. Cannot be crafted as normal bullets, it is upgrade for endless ammo this ammo are better (but have no knockback) than wooden arrows and musket balls but pierce two enemies and pass trought blocks. It may be in game because solar eruption can damage thought blocks so same...
  19. Alex S

    Painball gun

    Upgraded paintball gun. Have auto attack. Damage 29 Knockback High Tooltip: "Life is pain, so why don't put it in ammo?" Craft: Paintball gun, Ilegal gun parts, Titanium bar (11), Soul of Fright (10), Pink gel (150). May to shoot endless, shoot two progectiles what can do guadriple bounce.
  20. Alex S

    Working as Designed Capes

    Sorry but if you wear any hoverboard (i know what there is only 2 hoverboards) and cape in fly cape will disappear it look incorect.
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