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  1. GameRDheAsianSandwich

    tModLoader Thinking about Creating a Mod.

    I've been thinking about making a full on Thaumcraft mod for Terraria as of recently. I feel as if the current one we have, despite being respectfully limiting itself to keep from causing any sort of issue with the Thaumcraft mod itself, I want to recreate the feeling of Thaumcraft, the feeling...
  2. GameRDheAsianSandwich

    Other Art Some dumps of my Terraria/Undertale AU game combination abomination

    So firstly, I finally :red:ing drew Papyrus for my :red:ty AU. I need to remake it though considering it's complete horse:red:. (Yes, this is actually my desktop.) So far, we got Nurse Toriel; Skeleton Merchant and part-time smartass Sans; Angry, probably boutta whoop someone's :red:, Co-Captain...
  3. GameRDheAsianSandwich

    Pixel Art Angry Bones Papyrus for Terrarial Myths

    Papyrus except he AN G E R. Feel free to give thoughts and feedback!
  4. GameRDheAsianSandwich

    Pixel Art From Terraria to Terraformed

    Welp... now more things exist... and more are yet to come... and I realized my persona is taller than Papyrus. :red2: Aaaand that's my daily stack of baloney for the day...
  5. GameRDheAsianSandwich

    PC Special Attacks

    Have you ever wished you could do a really cool effect with your weapon? Like being able to dash through an enemy and slice it in half, with a character trail behind it? Or perhaps if you just started a new run, depending on what class you choose (unless you're a free-classer...)you could make...
  6. GameRDheAsianSandwich

    Pixel Art Colors of the Game of Hearts

    I made some random Terraria sprites, but idk what the last 2 should be Omfg they're small enough to be considered emoticons. (I am taking spriting requests. However I do not do pixel art that: - Includes content that is over the age of 18 - Would be considered too complex[Making a Moon Lord...
  7. GameRDheAsianSandwich

    Terrariatale: REMASTERED

    I figured since it's not really Terraria, but at some level it is... but I have redesigned the AU with a little bit of originality... somewhat, I made my own designs for the characters.
  8. GameRDheAsianSandwich

    Wii U Five Finger Fillet in Terraria!

    I made Five Finger Fillet in Terraria as a game on my Game Server in Terraria, lol
  9. GameRDheAsianSandwich

    Wii U The Solar Goblin Invasion T-T

    I'm doomed...
  10. GameRDheAsianSandwich

    Drawings & Paintings Terrariatale Sans

    <Image removed by Staff> This is not mine, but I wanna show it anyway
  11. GameRDheAsianSandwich

    Pixel Art The NPCmalgamate

    What have I created...
  12. GameRDheAsianSandwich

    PC (PC Exclusive) The Savior's Shield

    A combination of the Ankh Shield, the Paladin's Shield, the Pocket Mirror, and the Hand Warmer to make this powerful shield, that looks similar to the Solar Flare Armor Shield, instead of 25% damage absored and given to another player, it absorbs 50% of the damage and retributes back to the...
  13. GameRDheAsianSandwich

    My Intro... :| yay... :|

    Hi, I'm new to the Terraria Forums, not to Terraria itself, I've been playing it since 1.2.4 I believe, yeah, 1.2.4... I'm a huge fan and I will continue to support this wonderful, I can usually do Terraria pixel art...
  14. GameRDheAsianSandwich

    PC New Vanity Idea

    I made a new Vanity Item that goes with the Gold Crown, it's called The King's Robe I didn't exactly know what to do for like leggings or something like that but yeah, that's The King's Robe, and the Gold Crown to make The King's Set as a vanity item
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