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  1. Rathlon Tobias Riverwind

    tModLoader Assessing Overgrowth Hault.

    I've been having this oddity with world generation, when ever I try to make a new world with updated mods or want to try a different play style. The world generation would hault on "Assessing Overgrowth" Now I'm not sure if this has to do with the mods i'm running or what but it's starting to...
  2. Rathlon Tobias Riverwind

    tModLoader Mod Search

    I'm looking for the page or link to the mod Crushed Ores. It's a TML mod but in game it doesn't have the link to the forum post, and I've been searching for this mod for a few days now to report a bug with it. The bug in question is Adamantite chunks will make cobalt bars not adamantite. But...
  3. Rathlon Tobias Riverwind

    PC Massive Lag Hits

    I'm getting massive lag hits to near 0fps, and I'm wondering if it's one of the mods I have listed. Also I wasn't sure if this would be the correct area to post this issue or not. Any here is the list of all mods I'm using currently. BossChecklist FKBossHealthBar imkSushisMod ItemChecklist...
  4. Rathlon Tobias Riverwind

    PC [] Oddity with World Generation

    While making a world I asked one of my friends on steam to give me a random alpha numeric sequence for the world seed. He gave me this, 28v12ehg3nsd, and I used a world map viewer to see how the world generated and I couldn't believe what it had generated. As you can see the jungle is beside...
  5. Rathlon Tobias Riverwind

    PC Expert Mode Challenge - The Glass Cannon

    I'm thinking of doing a type of insane challenge in modded Terraria I call the GCC[Glass Cannon Challenge]. Where I only use one heart crystal, for the Nurse npc, and no heart fruit and attempt to beat the Thorium event bosses Ragnarok. My only question is what class type should I use for this...
  6. Rathlon Tobias Riverwind

    tModLoader Dupe bug found.

    I found a major game breaking dupe bug in one of the mods I'm using[forgot what it is]. It involves the Laminated Floor block. Take one unit of wood, convert that into one unit of laminated floor, take that lam floor and convert it into four lam walls. Here is where the dupe is, you can take the...
  7. Rathlon Tobias Riverwind

    PC Large World Issues

    I"m having major issues trying to generate a large world, when ever it hits "Generating Structures" it stops. Now at the time of writing this it's been sitting at this stage for about I'd say close to 30 minutes. And no progress has been made. Also to note my game is heavily modded with some...
  8. Rathlon Tobias Riverwind

    PC Oddity of World Gen

    I started a new character and new world to test to see if certain mods can work together and right at spawn in my world had four bits of Crimtaine Ore which was easily mined with the copper pick you start with. Now I'm not really sure if this was an oddity with the generation with the world or...
  9. Rathlon Tobias Riverwind

    PC How to wire lights up.

    I'm wondering how to wire up lights that will come on during the night and turn off during the day. I'm trying to work out how the night and day sensors work but no clue how, as this is my first time messing around with the wiring systems in the game. Basiclly I want to have lamp posts off...
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